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Comparing pick up trucks with the ultimate test.

Pick up trucks are a grand thing and are put to the best use right here in your own country. America is one of the few countries that uses pick up trucks on a daily basis. There really aren’t that many trucks on the market, it’s the options of drive trains and styling that makes them all different.

Trucks have the best resale value over most cars on the road. It is because they are built to work, not sold to work, they are built to work. Here is a helpful way to break down which truck would work best for you.

First a series of tests was devised to test all the trucks in various conditions. First on the list of tests is the test drive, how does it feel on Columbus roads and traffic, how easy is it to maneuver in to a parking spot. Next is a feasibility test, how easy is it to rationalize a truck of this size and will you get your moneys worth.

The paper test, or the statistics test, or the specifications test, it judges the numbers from the factory. Things like Horsepower, hauling weight, torque. The next test is easy; go to where people use their trucks, job sites, farms, and rodeos, that kind of thing. See how many different kinds of trucks are there, tells you what trucks work and what don’t.

The most important test of any is the wife test, how shocked will she be when you park your new wheels in the driveway at night. Will you need to remove the sticker from the window to protect your marriage?

The Trucks;

First up is the Nissan Titan, a huge truck that doesn’t offer much in the way off options but does offer a lot in power, with a massive V8 317 horsepower engine. It does offer a lot in creature comforts with ample seating for a full size American male and one kicking sound system. However there is much lacking when it comes to storage, the long bed option would not be long enough for a standard sheet of drywall. However at $38,000 for a nice luxury truck, might make the significant other and the banker cringe.

The other Asian automaker Toyota also makes a full size pick up truck called the Tundra. It’s a good-looking work truck, for a decent price, starting at $23,000. Holding a bigger engine than the Nissan, producing 381 horsepower and 401 ft lbs of torque. All that power will be great for hauling upwards of the 10100 pounds max towing weight

Chevrolet has made cars and trucks of outstanding quality and performance since day one. The Silverado series of truck is a no frills work truck that has absolutely no reason being used a daily driver. Which gives it a perfect excuse for the wife, it’s a work truck not a daily driver. It is also one of the first trucks to have the hybrid option on the engine, making it a supremely feasible truck to get around town while hauling a max load of 15,800 pounds.

The Sierra series made by GMC also offers a hybrid making these two trucks the most feasible for saving money on fuel costs while still hauling the most weight possible.

The GMC did pass the work site test, seeing mostly GMC trucks and Fords on works sites and hauling on the roads over the last month. Gmc also has the least expensive trucks on the market, starting at $20,00 dollars.

The best selling truck on the road has been for years the Ford F150. All models in the line up are pure and simple work trucks, Ford offers more for the worker than any other automaker. The have a proven performance of rugged reliability but have the smallest horsepower engines, only 310 horses under the hood in the base models. Towing is limited to 10400 pounds, however with the bigger engines you can haul up to 17000 pounds.

The last and certainly not least truck on the list is the Dodge Ram series of trucks. Like the Ford a bred for work truck meant to haul your stuff, however unlike all the other trucks the Ram series is meant to play as hard as it can work. The ability to haul 10200 pounds in some of the models and 9800 standard in the base models can compete with all other trucks on the market. Something else nice about the ram series is the updated steering and handling. Driving around town more like a car even in the larger diesel models. 


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