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Comparing Cold War Communism and Obama Socialism

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Back in the 1950's and 60's, the Communist leaders in Poland tried to extinguish Catholicism, human dignity, and patriotism from the Polish people. They almost accomplished this through an all out frontal assault on religion, and an attempt at rewriting Polish history through control, perversion, and propaganda concerning Polish 'poetry, literature, drama, and history...'

And the same is happening in America today.

Barack Obama knows fully well the power of religion in America. That's why (like all shrewd politicians) he is conveniently found by the media entering and exiting Church on Sunday--especially during election season. Add to that a few references to 'God,' and you have the usual whoring of religion present in all political spheres. But what separates Barack Obama from the other chameleons is his blatant distaste for genuine Christianity, particularly Catholicism. The HHS mandate, and the recently revealed IRS strategy of attacking American churches tax-exempt status proves this out without a doubt.

For Communists and socialists alike know the power of objective religious faith to unite people in morality, social ethics, and patriotism.

And this is bad for socialist business.

Barack Obama, moreover, and his secularist-progressive cronies and supporters, have also launched an all out assault on traditional American sensibility. An attack on 'poetry, literature, drama, and history' equate to the lies told by the mainstream media, the historical distortions spread by the President himself (on his worldwide American apology tour), and spread by the academia in universities and colleges across the nation, the garbage ethics, morality, and history of television, and the propaganda-perversion of minds molded and weaved by Hollywood on the big screen, not to mention the stupidity and filth of the music industry and the electronic media.

'America the beautiful' has been replaced by 'America the shameful.' Judeo-Christian morality and ethics has been replaced by personal, relativistic amorality, convenient to the ruling socialist class. America, the strong stalwart of freedom, has been replaced by America the wimpy bystander, appeaser of fundamentalist terrorists and militant atheists. No longer are the founding fathers, and the defenders of freedom in our military, the heroes. Now our 'heroes,' at least in federal, and popular, opinion, is the gay football player, the anarchist professor, the purveyor of class warfare, the illegal immigrant, the radical feminist, and the cheesy-sleazy pop star.

And all of this is the willful creation of the Obama socialist agenda.

We can only hope that, like the Polish people of the past, we awaken to our religious/spiritual roots and come together in patriotic solidarity...before it's too late.