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Company trends toward fitness

Companies in Columbus are working in a collaborative effort with their employees to become a network of individuals who practice healthy living techniques. These techniques would improve the health of the company and hopefully lower or stabilize its health insurance premiums. Premiums may very well be on the rise because the risk of insuring individuals who are not making health and dieting a priority. When individuals are unhealthy, they tend to become sick easier, stay home often, and utilize the medical systems more. Companies want to decrease the amount of individuals that are staying home or utilizing medical systems due to illnesses.

Companies have several ways to advocate healthy living.  A few ways companies in Columbus have positioned themselves as advocates for making exercise and dieting a habit, is by developing fitness centers at work, offering exercise and nutrition classes, proposing various payment plan options, allowing employees time off to stay fit, and forming healthy buddy support systems. Companies are allowing employees to leave work 30 minutes early, with the objective to utilize the company's fitness center. These same companies are hiring their very own Wellness Coordinators; to develop and implement staff involved activities.

Another thing companies are doing is allowing employees the option to participate in payroll deduction plans. Employees will not feel the burden of making one lump sum payment or being at a disadvantage in participating in health and nutrition activities because of money issues. There is no right or wrong way for companies to develop fitness programs. The main concern is to make sure there is employee buy-in when developing programs. There is nothing like creating health programs for your staff and no one attends the activities. If you can get your employees to buy into dieting and fitness, you are on your way to being a part a network of individuals who practice healthy living techniques.


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