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Company social gatherings not place to 'let loose'



  • avid reader 6 years ago

    Disgusted that would have such a poor representative writing articles on anything related to social networking. I always like to know more about people and their backgrounds as writers. A simple Google search usually is very revealing. In this writer's case, it was very revealing. Ms. Treadway obviously has no problems in putting her entire life out there on the internet - but it makes her credibility as a staff writer unsuitable in my opinion. Ms. Treadway's blog: http: //

  • Heather 6 years ago

    First things first: Logan, I do weirdly love these kind of list articles; it gives me a quick way to learn something. However, I think you can take more risks in the text to make it more interesting.

    Keep your audience in mind. Well, your ideal audience, not this snob-laden place. Try to make it fun.

    wow, "avid reader," I have to admit, I did not expect that. I agree that a) Logan needs some serious work on her style and b) it's interesting to Google search people to find out other stuff they've published. However, I think you've overstepped a boundary here. You didn't make any substantive comments on the article itself, and you decided to post a link to her personal blog. And honestly, I don't see how her blog hurts her credibility as a writer; it's a blog, for christ's sake. If you'd found the same article posted elsewhere (i.e., she plagiarized), then sure, it hurts her credibility. But a blog? You're just being silly now. Have you been stalking her Facebook, too?

  • disgusted reader 6 years ago

    I'll agree with Heather's one statement, "wow" about the blog, but in a different context. Sites like that are the evil side of the internet. It's obviously that Ms. Treadway has some fairly significant personal issues that need to be address and I'm sorry, but parading them all over the internet is not a smart idea. I'm sure that employers, co-workers, etc. are curious to do a google search and would be shocked to see such incongruous material, even if it is a personal blog. Very shocking to see this type of adolescent material coming from a 20-something year old college graduate.

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