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Company planning line of Angry Birds playground equipment

Coming soon to a playground near you?
Coming soon to a playground near you?
Copyright Rovio and Lappset

In a probable case of merchandising overkill, playground equipment manufacturer, Lappset, is teaming up with Angry Birds developer, Rovio, to create a line of Angry Birds-themed playground equipment.

News of this mobile gaming marketing partnership appeared earlier today on the Finnish website, Arctic Startup.

Ultimately, this may be a case of a product tie-in going too far. This reporter swears that on a recent visit the toy section at a local Columbus Big Lots outlet store was filled with Angry Birds plush toys!

First Angry Birds playgrounds to appear in 2012

In addition to the playground equipment, Lappset is also developing a few Angry Birds activity parks in Finland to be called Angry Birds Magic Places. The first parts are slated to open in 2012. Watch out, Disney!

Lappset's playground equipment line includes slides, swings, sandboxes, and climbing towers. The company is also experienced in all aspects of playground design, including safety surfaces. Wait, they have sand in Finland?

Seriously though, considering Lappset's overall business of playground equipment and design, teaming up with fellow countrymen, Rovio, might make perfect sense. Who knows if Lappset's Angry Birds product line ever hits American shores, but considering the overreaching popularity of the mobile game, it wouldn't be a total surprise.

Will a Angry Birds theme park make it to Columbus?

Columbus students who are fans of Angry Birds need to start bothering the facilities personnel at their own schools to install some Angry Birds-themed slides, swings and sandboxes in their own playground. Maybe Jack Hanna can add an Angry Birds section at the Columbus Zoo?

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