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Company Allowed People to Rent Dogs for Pets

A pet rental company in Japan.
A pet rental company in Japan.
Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images

In 2008, a company called proposed expansion from San Diego to Boston. This company was started in San Diego for the purpose of allowing people to rent dogs for pets. Most of the company’s customers were affluent people who did not have the time to won a pet of their own.

The pet renters made a down payment and then made monthly payments on the dog they wished to rent. The rental contract lasted one year. The dogs came from animal shelters and were rented out from day-care centers for dogs. All dogs that were rented out were sweet and friendly.

Prospective dog renters had to allow the agency to tour their home and had to sign a form that was designed by an organization called PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). The dogs were kept at a day-care center where they could run and play with each other. They were also walked and played with by human caretakers. The clients often decided to adopt their rentals permanently. Once the dogs reached a certain age, they were adopted out. No dog that was part of the program was ever euthanized.

A few states such as New York, Washington D.C., and London were interested in the venture at that time; however, the citizens of Boston were appalled with the idea of renting out pets and petitioned against the practice. Since then, there are a few companies that run rent-a-pet operations. Some of these companies include K9 Connection, RuffTail Runner, and Red Mountain Spa. FlexPetz now sells dog fencing.


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