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Commuters can be a good target audience

Using local transportation can be a good place to run ads.
Using local transportation can be a good place to run ads.

Advertising has always been challenging. You have to decide on your message and then decide on the best way to deliver the message.

The most difficult part was deciding on the creative. You wanted something appealing and memorable. As long as you had good creative, you knew your campaign would be a success.

Once your message was out there you knew that your audience was going to have to see it. But times have changed. Many of the traditional ways to deliver your advertising now have ways to bypass the process.

Television lets you fast forward through commercials. Radio lets you easily switch channels or to load music on an iPod that gives you no opportunity to advertise. Newspapers have seen a decrease in their readership.

The idea now is to find a way to reach a large number of people that would be your audience and to do it in a way that doesn’t give them the chance to ignore the message.

Transit advertising can be a strong contender to fit the bill. If you travel around the city you are going to find yourself waiting at bus or train stations. Or once you are traveling you are going to sit in the bus or train for the length of time to reach your destination.

When people are waiting or riding it can be an excellent time to deliver your message to a captive audience. There is a higher chance of them actually reading your message not only once by on multiple occasions. Most of the time while they are traveling, there is no way to avoid the message or anything to distract them from focusing on the information.

The next time you’re considering where to spend your advertising dollars look at the options transit ads can offer to make your audience sit up and take notice.

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