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Community Supported Agriculture - Spring Cleaning


Watering at Andrews Family Farm
Ellen Mahoney

Last Thursday, there was plenty of work to be done at Andrews Family Farm, a small CSA in East Boulder County.  Farm owner, Elaine Andrews, wrote out clear instructions on a white marker board that was hung on the side of the gray shed next to the work area where we wash veggies and then display them on long tables.

There were many tasks we could choose from – weeding, mixing potting soil, transplanting peppers, stretching drip tape, and planting beets and chard.  Once a job is completed, someone crosses it off the board.

I went into the hoop house to check out the peas I had planted two weeks earlier and was happy to see that many had already sprouted about one inch in height.  There were many other plants coming up in the trays that would eventually be transplanted into the nearby fields.

Picking up my trusty bag that holds my gloves, various tools, water and my camera – I headed over to two fields near the farmhouse.  Once stationed there I began digging out bindweeds and geranium weeds, which are tough to get out because of their long roots that love to cling to the soil around them.  I worked along weeding with coworkers, Kathy and Sue, and sometimes we’d hold high a weed we’d unearthed that had substantially-sized roots looking like small carrots.

Other folks worked in the north fields, transplanting veggies, weeding, stretching out drip tape or watering.  Rich Andrews mowed grass in nearby areas, which smelled heavenly.

It was a beautiful, warm day at the farm.  Birds were singing away, and a gentle breeze sent the trees waving in the sunlight.


  • Jen 4 years ago

    Hi,does anyone have any contact info, an email or phone number to get in touch with anyone from Andrew's family farm? I live very close to 63rd and Jay and am very interested in a csa work/share on the farm.

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