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Community supported agriculture in Georgia

An example of a typical CSA yield.
An example of a typical CSA yield.
Photo courtesy of Dumbo CSA

If you're concerned about the quality and origin of the produce in local supermarkets, you're not alone. A growing number of people in our area are turning to community supported agriculture, or CSA, for a supply of locally grown, organic food.

CSA groups allow consumers and farmers to exchange money or services for locally produced food. This relationship is an alternative to the industrial agriculture operations that typically supply supermarket chains. The environmental impact is less because the food is not shipped over long distances. Plus, CSA farmers use safer and more natural methods to protect the soil and the quality of the harvest.

The Jenny-Jack CSA group serves Columbus and the surrounding areas. Jenny and Chris Jackson grow chemical free food on their farm in Pine Mountain, GA. For $350, shareholders receive 8-12 items each week throughout the growing season. Jenny-Jack Farm offers two growing seasons lasting from May to November. For $210, shareholders receive about half as many items each week.

A huge variety of produce is available, including fresh herbs, root vegetables, greens, and berries. For more information, visit their website or call (706) 333-4479.


  • Cindy Wolfe - Richmond Distance Learning Examiner 5 years ago

    I had not heard of this group before. Do you get to pick the varieties of vegetables they bring?

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