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Community superstar: Les of all games

Les mans his sales table at the WoW TCG State Championship
Les mans his sales table at the WoW TCG State Championship
Chris Nelson

When I was first starting out with the Pokemon TCG i went through my standard process for any TCG I play. I buy a few cards and convince (or bribe) a friend to play with me, then buy more cards and build a deck based on what I learned on my own. then I venture out into the comunity and find out just how little I know about the game and it's strategies. With pokemon, Leslie Cannady is the man who gave me that humbling education.

Les has played Pokemon since he was very young and was running the league that I joined in those early days. Pokemon, however, is not his only game of choice. Not even close. Les is highly active in the Boise gaming community and his portfolio of games reflects that. He plays Magic: the gathering, Pokemon, World of Warcraft, and Naruto to name a few. What's more he plays all of them at a high level of skill. His interests also run into the board game and tabletop gaming genres.

Leslie currently runs the Phoenix Fire pokemon league located in Meridian as well as their Naruto league. He also operates a card store that specializes in singles called Deadly Sevens Cards and games. He is an excellent teacher of all the games he takes place in and often constructs decks which he gives to new players who need a boost getting started. I owe a lot of my knowledge and skill to Mr. Cannady.