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'Community' season 5 finale spoilers: Was this show renewed or canceled?

Joel McHale
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Tonight is the big "Community" finale of season five and fans can't wait to see how it ends. On Thursday, TV Line shared news about this finale and also if the show is coming back again. The finale will air at 8 p.m. CST tonight on NBC.

During this episode, they will look at the legend of Greendale’s former Dean Russell Borchert. He disappeared over 40 years ago and they want to do all that they can to figure out what happened. It is going to be an interesting night for this group.

A clip from TV Line shared even more spoilers about how it will all go down tonight. Jeff and Britta will go through with their wedding plans which surprises a lot of people. Everyone is shocked at the news and starts going crazy when they admit it. They are even told that they are totally ridiculous together. Of course the topic changes fast when they realize that they have found a trap door and that is a lot more important.

Another clip on Cinema Blend shows the letter that they found which talks about the trap door and hidden area of the school that they found. They get blue prints to try to find this hidden area and obviously it works for them.

Tonight's finale of "Community" will be a two part finale. This makes it an hour long, which is kind of funny because in the clip they tease that it is not a one hour episode of "The Office." This hour will give fans a great ending to their favorite comedy show.

At this time, "Community" has not been renewed or canceled. It honestly could go either way and so fans don't know what is going to happen net. This comedy starring Joel McHale does have a lot of fans that are hoping it will return.

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