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Community pushing for The Olivia Law after internal decapitation kills infant

Rachel and Allen Coats Facebook

Today Rachel Melancon, Allen Coats and a number of other people are picketing in front of Dr. Backardjievs office on Saba Lane in Port Neches, TX. He is the doctor who violently jerked on the forceps that were used in the assisted Delivery of Olivia Coats crushing her skull and internally decapitating the infant.

Family is still pushing to have The Olivia Law passed in honor of their angel baby, Olivia Marie Coats.
Rachel and Allen Coats

Rachel Melancon, mother of Olivia Coats, posted on "Olivia's Page" about an hour ago that "The picketing begins in 30 minutes- Come be apart of getting justice for Olivia!!!"

Support is pouring in for the family from around the Globe as they picket at the doctors office who killed their daughter.

Elena Davis Pohl posted "Prayers for you and your family. It was a travesty what happened to your precious baby."

Lynae Patricia Ann Marsh also posted "Thoughts , prayers & support from Alberta Canada."

Brrnrr Tyler said "Sending support from Augusta KS!"

Michelle Johnston left a message saying "It's amazing how many people are with you in there hearts. I hope this gets the attention it needs and keeps this man from doing this to another family. Prayers for you and your family."

EmmaLee Boyack stated that "This doctor should be in a jail cell!"

Support came in from all over the US, Australia, Ireland and Canada just to name some. Many expressed how much they wished they could be with the family picketing, and has sent their love, support and condolences.

Others are wearing their "Olivia Law" T shirts in support of her legacy law and her parents who are fighting to make her senseless and heinous death make a difference in the life of another child.

There is a photo with the caption "Cant Stop Us" on baby Olivia's page. The family is pressing for a law to be passed that exempts the use of forceps in assisted deliveries, or at the very least for the mother to have an option.

Baby Olivia was born a would have been perfectly healthy baby girl in Dec 2013, but the doctor misused the forceps after Rachel had ask for a c-section, internally decapitating Olivia Coats who died only days later.

Candles were lit for baby Olivia Coats, who in a few days stole hearts across the globe, the night she passed in several different countries.

The community has embraced the fight for The Olivia Law offering words of encouragement and support on their GoFundMe page.

So many people stand beside these young and vigilant parents as so well stated by Darianna P. Vasquez on Facebook when she said, "We can't be there but we fight by your side!! No one should get away with this much NEGLIGENCE!! The Doctor should not be allowed to practice!!!"

You can contact Rachel Melancon about how you can help.

She and Olivia's dad were officially engaged last month, and they are not giving up on this fight to have The Olivia Law recognized.

Rachel Mantooth stated it perfectly when she posted, "TEAM OLIVIA-you will be heard baby girl."

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