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Community organizer vs. KGB agent: Russians mock Obama's sanctions

The Russians are laughing at Obama.
The Russians are laughing at Obama.
Marianna Massey/Getty

Russians are mocking the so-called sanctions that Barack Obama imposed on Russian citizens. These sanctions were ordered due to Russia invading and annexing Crimea. According to a March 18 report by the New York Times, there were a total of 11 Russians and Ukrainians who were sanctioned by Obama.

Barack Obama's sanctions consisted of banning those 11 people from traveling to the United States and freezing their assets in America. The Foreign Ministry stated that Russia would retaliate and that those sanctions would “lead nowhere.”

“I consider this a kind of political Oscar from America for best male supporting role,” Vladislav Surkov, a close aid to Vladimir Putin, said.

The deputy speaker of the State Duma, Russian's lower parliament house said the U.S. and the E.U. were acting like “kindergarten children.” Sergei Zheleznyak continued to mock the sanctions. He went as far as to “urge” Obama, the former community organizer, to impose the same sanctions on “hundreds more” members of the Russian parliament.

Russia appears to be laughing it up as they prepare to admit Crimea into the Russian Federation. Putin, the former KGB agent, signed the decree and posted it on the Kremlin's website. This was the first step to annexing Crimea.