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Community is on Chap Oscar's Mind

Immigration Policies at Work
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IS THAT............. an ELEPHANT in the ROOM?

As a Life Safety Expert my goal has always been to expand my outreach here in this region. We live in a culture that is empowered by differences. Conflict resolution becomes critical so my challenge is to always be in a learning mode. With this in mind I want to thank my dear friend and Business Journalist Getahn Ward for his leadership and visibility always being a positive role model for this Middle, TN region. For me I have come to know you can't be all things to all people. One must focus on the unique value we offer to each other as deliverer of services or as a customer. The Immigrant and Minority business community must continually improve the value proposition to stay competitive. Getahn will be Hosting a dynamic meeting on Tuesday July 22 Sponsored by TIMBG of which I am the Marketing Director and our priority is to highlight what is going on with Immigration Policies as it relates to this region. I firmly believe that leadership on all levels will not be a comfortable role in the future. There will be some difficult choices ahead when it comes to living together as a solid community. Not to be self serving but it is imperative that we make room for a diverse world. As a Chaplain my goal is to not tell people what is good for them. Instead, my goal is to work hard at that "dialectic", that two way communication by which you learn where folks are and where they want to go and think hard about how we all can make a positive contribution. So Chap Oscar what has this writing got to do about Life Safety, I am glad you asked. Our leaders come from among ourselves. Majority and Minority cultures produce inadequate leaders and breed problems leaders cannot fix. Each one of us has inherent gifts and we must serve our gift to the world. A vacuum exists that we must address to get at genuine leadership going into the future. I have come to believe that every accomplishment in life is the result of corporate effort. Nashville, TN needs to address historical scars and the emerging immigrant issues of our times and my challenge is to see this TIMBG become a powerful group that will be a catalyst for change not only here in TN but in this Country.

Please Contact me at for TIMBG Meeting Details.

Getahn Ward Business Writer, The TENNESSEAN

Founder, TN Immigrant & Minority Business Group : Galen Hull