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Community Models to Create Convergence Platforms For Legacy Brands

Convergence is the coming together of high engagement communities - all participants are a "brand" that benefit within the sustainable accelerator created exclusively through a new generation of digital methods, talent pools, technology and access

It's a never-ending task to adapt a consumer experience that stays within our digital engagement through entertainment & information vehicles where audiences can be engaged like never before.

Many times, companies are considerably at the rear of customers in adopting these massive shifts, a problem that has almost everything to do with the way the business and customer relationship is established through content driven sales. This is the most exciting time in our history with more opportunities for brands to create the conversation, harness powerful advocates and create social impact- this all amplifies the customer engagement and raises response. Here are a few principles the C-Suite needs to be thinking about in the decision making process to create a upswing in today’s marketplace.

The pace of technological advancement is incredible. Thinking back 10 years to 2003, entire markets, companies, and future trend possibilities simply did not exist. In 2003 there was no YouTube. LinkedIn had started, but nobody knew them yet. There was no Facebook, no Twitter, no iOS or iPhone, no Android, no “tablet market.” No such thing as a “mobile app.” The “cloud” of today did not exist (even if Larry Ellison says it did).

The fundamental impacts these technologies have made in the last 10 years are greater than the impacts of any technologies in the prior 20 years. And it is accelerating. The pace of technological advance is dramatically growing every year, as technology helps us further extend the pace of technological change. It is not a smooth curve — there are bumps and lags— but it is nevertheless increasing at an exponential rate.

Today, we struggle to keep up with not only transparency, social media “real time” challenges but also the latest phones, apps, and cloud services. As a business we need to stay on the leading edge, or our customers will believe we are behind, and look for a new model of collaboration - creating partnerships that might feel like “Strange bedfellows”. Our employees want to bring their own devices to work (BYOD) and are ‘empowered as brand ambassadors, and they want to use their own services with their own credentials (BYOID). How do we manage this and harness it for the benefit of the brand.

What will it be like 10 years from now?

If you assume that the pattern holds, and we see twice as much fundamentally NEW expansion areas or platforms every 10 years, then we will see at least 20 major unforeseen opportunities in the next 10 years. This will be matched by explosive growth in networks, online communities and “everyone/everything is a brand” that only the relevant will make a “moment in time”. And we (as industry leaders and brands) will need to be very nimble to keep up with it all.
Fundamental shifts can create huge advantage if we catch them early — or even better, lead them. Otherwise, they will be disasters that crush companies if missed — just ask Kodak.

What are you doing today to manage this rate of change? Here are some key considerations to create brilliance from this time of chaos.

Place the Consumer in the Center.
Being prepared for convergence is not about constructing an improvements laboratory, investing your marketing and advertising budget on Twitter and Facebook advertisements or about employing a social media marketing legend to answer online issues. It is more about taking on a client-centered mind set and making your entire corporation sensitive to the client quest. This is certainly not as fundamental as it may sound, particularly for more substantial, well-established organizations where degree has dictated the development of an elaborate business graph or chart.

Approaches should be determined by information from genuine customer action, not fuzzy gut sense. That information should specify, not simply what encounters you to offer customers, but exactly where, when and in what way. Product content-driven sales and marketing communications should interact with the customer in social websites and environments and open up APIs. Plus, the retail practical experience should be made on Omni-channel, providing buyers the identical experience, whether or not they are in-store, on the internet or on the phone.

Consider your product like a service and expertise engagement solutions.
You're no longer in the market of promoting products. You're satisfying customers’ wants. Being a marketing expert, you are making new products and programs constantly on environments, not only a selection of activities based on a diary of product releases.

To produce and gaze after this environment, you will be making an investment in promoting expeditions, brand innovative engagement solutions, as well as operating press and attracting a lot more creative designers and programmers. Previously, advertising and marketing operations were generally restricted to the constant maintenance of an internal promoting staff and employing and firing specialists that generated the innovative work. Everyone was responsible for shelling out the money, not how efficiently these folks were expended. Inside an incorporated globe, it will likely be about those actions like YouTube communities of interest, as well as committing to people today and techniques to make certain that the promoting investing is much better brand engagement innovation solutions.

To produce and sustain this environment, you will be making an investment in marketing and advertising procedures, not only operating media, and getting a lot more creative convergence models and web developers. Previously, advertising operations were mostly restricted to the constant maintenance of an internal promoting group and employing and firing companies that developed the innovative work. Individuals were responsible for investing the cash, not how successfully they were being used. Inside an incorporated planet, it will likely be about the actions, as well as about investing in folks and methods to make sure the advertising expenses and brand innovative engagement solutions are enhanced.

Refuse SILOS.

Media, technology, and creative imagination are no more distinct challenges. Let’s consider the most basic instance of this: the formation of an advertisement, you-tube communities of interest. A couple of years ago, a whole new advertising campaign was just an imaginative task that was fixed by discovering a new journey of TV spots. Now, a brand new advertisement and social media solutions will probably possess some technological and mass media issues. Are you currently making use of the API as a scorching new social media solutions foundation? How do you think you're acquiring your outstanding strategy in front of a market that's no longer watching television?

The standard, silo-based corporation is ill-equipped to resolve these concerns. So what you ought to accomplish is much better cooperation among advertising and IT for content-driven sales. To get there, your C-suite could possibly have mature jobs like chief digital officer and chief marketing and advertising technologists, loaded by gurus with both capabilities catalyzing creativity through the entire corporation and encouraging venture. Or you may consider bottom-up alternatives like internal profile supervision. In this particular framework, advertising and marketing people have alternatives in IT and vice versa.

Perform like a new venture and brand innovative engagement solutions.
There’s a collection of prevalent myths regarding how recognized businesses ought to learn from start-ups. This is not about getting into flamboyant new digs or configuring Ping-Pong tables or having totally free sushi for supper.

Like client centricity, the beginning mindset demands more intense and a lot more purposeful transform. It entails uprooting numerous ancient presumptions and practices, specifically those close to technological facilities and performing the way a new, leaner organization might.

Performing like a new venture within this perception implies the examples below:
--Your organization deploys or perhaps encounters with affordable, quick, and versatile resources like cloud-computing, social networking websites and open APIs.
--You employ merchandise supervisors who are responsible for specific areas of the customer experience; similar to Facebook social media solutions has assigned somebody with control of the newsfeed. As one of our customers explains it, product supervisors need to comprehend the client and regularly focus on and re-prioritize what’s ideal for the consumer.

--You implement agile technique and speedy prototyping.
This is a area I have explored for over 3 years and my methodology is built on the belief system that forward-thinking brands and corporate leadership will drive social enterprise through competition.
To shift the engagement, we need to address social issues in marketing mechanisms through digital layers.

Only industry can guarantee the social shift we need to create systematic change.
One offs through the verticals of the next generation of leading brands are great but don't create true ongoing change. We believe "do good. make good,” and have built an ecosystem that creates a culture of acceleration in the "global marketplace benefiting local community."

Our methods and best practices creates what we term as a C-Suite "converges curators, content and causes" and helps to create reliable communities of interest. This foundation generates progressive methods which engage customers in superior brand innovative engagement solutions”.

This cause and effect leads to a Creative Convergence Models, Content-Driven, Sales & Innovative Management blend - concentrating on orchestrating enlarging and socializing clients’ stakeholders via creation of extremely inventive, self-sustaining customer communities of interest designed to launch brands. If done properly, it provides extensive and high impact outcomes by applying our distinctive and extremely unique eco-system of resources, content- driven sales and partnerships. Our strategy makes it possible for manufacturers to produce contextual, organic and natural, comprehensive communities of highly interested customers as advocates. We blend international brands and thought-leaders. You can orchestrate and create international activities and launch content pioneers at the start of the 'development' procedure on a remarkably charged engagement podium. Allowing marketers and advertisers to be genuine partners, productive in local as well as international promotions and also produce new assets for content management for leisure and education platforms.

Success in Convergence is acquired through the “C-Suite” services and products, blending together the Four C's:
-Content within Context

Success in Creative Convergence is amplified through a messaging "bounce" - a mix of several expertise, technology, revolutionized publicity tactics and a digital toolbox - which include social media solutions, public relations, SEO rich YouTube communities of interest and a powerful community of exceptional and digital savvy partners. Offering our curators and inventive content suppliers with ongoing, multi-layered exposure possibilities. Facts reveals that a brand innovative engagement solutions associated with a cause-driven foundation generates customer who buys Ten times more frequently than other customers.

Creative Convergence is usually a continuous course of action, not an ending point. Disruptive Technologies, creativity, and social media are continually growing, and thus is the creative convergence models and its messaging. It's a never-ending challenge to evolve a consumer expertise that, within our digital time, is invariably in flux. Many times, organizations are way behind customers in adopting technological transform, a problem that has almost everything to do with the way the business is setup. Agencies and corporations working as partners will excel by focusing on these techniques - and prosper at a time of trouble.

More on Donnetta Campbell and TheBarnYardGroup
BYG C-Suite Department
TheBarnYardGroup (BYG), devises contextual and scalable “unique” options. From our private flourishing community, we build targeted, influential programs to fulfill a client's demands, which encourage customers by means of messaging and create one upon another. Delivering methods via sensible facts led by innovative approach, our diverse and extremely skilled senior visionaries are enthusiastic about higher degrees of engagement, styles, leadership, disruptive technologies and revolutionary ideas that fuel digital platforms.
BYG has built an identity for supplying highly effective methods in content management development. We produce opportunities which allow our clientele to concentrate on business and customer relationships, triggering and engagement along with outstanding top-quality content-driven sales. Our popularity is based upon generating creative convergence techniques for each and every consumer.
TheBarnYardGroup's Entertainment (BYGE) arm facilitates this emphasis for manufacturers and curators by creating high-quality digital content-driven sales possibilities. Our content management and artistic pool, when harmonized with the proper engagement associate, efficiently stimulates touch points on all device systems within a 24/7 real-time experience, inside a prosperous globe comprised of live events broadening into a virtual gathering.
TheBarnYardGroup provides both parties of the process a way to merge a "C-Suite" collaborative of associates and thoughts, all incorporated to produce maximum outcomes for our consumers as advocates. This layering creates and maximizes new access points for both sides of the house and also brings about required outcomes and income sources, all in just one venture.
The highly-engaging product uses our systems to several benefits - they turn into gateways for message delivery, escalating online engagement, generating HR brand ambassadors to thought-leadership, C-Suite service administration and inventive brand marketing communications and social media solutions. Our professionals have the skills necessary to produce both customized and exceptionally integrated methods and relationship driven strategies.
Certainly, it's terrific content management that combines thriving social media solutions, digital marketing, promoting digital branding and communications. We at TheBarnYardGroup guarantee the finest brand-to-creative digital content interpretation for our personal and company customers.

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