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‘Community’ heading to Hulu? Season 6 in negotiations

‘Community’ heading to Hulu? Season 6 in negotiations
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

The fans of “Community” were disappointed that NBC decided to drop the show from the lineup next season, but it appears the show has gotten a reprieve. As the show has such a cult following it seemed unlikely the characters would go into the wind quietly. According to UpRoxx on Thursday, the sitcom might be once again returning to film the show as Hulu is interested in picking up the show.

Big question for the viewers is who is willing to pay for “Community.” The show has always been a tough relationship with the network and he fans seemed to fit into the dynamics by stirring the pot more than appreciating the story of every episode. Knowing that they might have to cough up cash would mean the fans would have to actually make a financial commitment to the project.

There has always been the rumors that after the final season of the television show the sitcom would be made into a movie for the fans to hit the theaters. While this sounds intriguing, the plan has been stalled due to the concerns of who would pay to see the story of the characters continued in theaters. Most fair-weather viewers surely would not pay cash to watch what they could see on TV.

The possibility of “Community” making a comeback is a risky proposition for anyone who takes a serious look at the viewership over the years. The show has always had to fight to be on the air and their headline antics (like seen on the season finale mocking NBC) reflects that the flash in the pan focus is the only way the program gets attention.

Will “Community” return to the air? It won’t be on NBC, but maybe somewhere else. It will be interesting to see how many fans come to support the idea if they have to help pick up the tab.