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'Community' doesn't try hard enough to look like it's not trying hard enough

If the pilot episode of Community ( is any indication, NBC ( may need to mine elsewhere in its search for comedy gold.  Community is set in the world of community college, and focuses on the lives of a study group or "Community" as their de facto leader, Jeff Winger (Joel McHale []), eventually dubs them.  In the pilot, the sum of the "Community's" parts begins to take form and hilarity (occasionally) ensues.
The main problem with the pilot of Community is that, not unlike Jeff, it's not witty enough, charming enough, cool enough, quirky enough, or easy enough on the eyes to overcome its overabundance of unpleasantness.  Community did show flashes of its potential in the pilot.  The talent is unquestionably there, but whether the drive to fulfill it is as well will remain to be seen.