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Community bands together for weight loss

Columbus Georgia has created their version of the television show "The Biggest Loser".  The kick off was January 17 at the Civic Center.  The version is titled "TRIM DOWN" Columbus.   Antoine Dove, a previous contestant from the Biggest Loser came and gave his testimony for inspiration and motivation.   The program is geared to be a huge success and is well on it's way.

The local gym is offering 6 weeks free to participants of "Trim Down"  The goal is clear, the community will loose 10,000 pounds collectively and the deadline is March 1st, 2010.  The entrance fee is $5.00 and each participant is provided with the tools for exercise and weight loss. 

This program is budget friendly and will jump start anyone with their weight loss goals.  The community is excited and several groups and buddies have joined to make a difference in their lives.  Up to date challenges and changes are going to be tracked with weekly updates and success stories.  So grab your music and meet on the treadmill at Gold's Gym.  Use this chance to get healthy on a budget.


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