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Communism (yeah!) religion (boo!) in Connecticut schools

Butcher of La Cabana

A controversy has erupted at the University of Connecticut where an assistant football coach, Ernest Jones, committed the infraction of paving the way for Congress to enact a national religion which is clearly unconstitutional. He did this by telling the Hartford Courant:

we're going to make sure [players] understand that Jesus Christ should be in the center of our huddle, that that's something that is important.

The statement surprisingly did not alienate the quarterback nor diminish his role of play calling but it did offend a Rene Epstein who isn't even on the team and isn't likely to be unless she wants to be a cheerleader, in which case she still would not be in the huddle; anyway she wrote a letter to the Courant:

It sounds like football players who are not Christian might not be welcome at UConn, and would not feel a part of that huddle.

If what goes on in a huddle sounds like it may lead to a bad feeling then that is a serious constitution of the United States of America big no no. Today a huddle, tomorrow a national church. It can happen.

UConn president, ever vigilant to halting this obvious slippery slope into theocracy, wrote to the same Courant:

Every student, including student-athletes, must know they are accepted and welcomed at UConn. Always. Our staff should educate and guide students, to ensure they are well-prepared for life at UConn and beyond. But it should go without saying that our employees cannot appear to endorse or advocate for a particular religion or spiritual philosophy as part of their work at the university, or in their interactions with our students. This applies to work-related activity anywhere on or off campus, including on the football field. Our athletic director and Coach Diaco agree wholeheartedly with me, and have made this clear to their staff.

There's nothing like Christianity that makes people feel unwelcome especially in a football huddle. The nerve. The infraction was corrected, the assistant coach apologized and now it's time to heal, naturally of course. Whew! Close call. As an aside "Hail Mary's" will now be replaced with "what the hell".

Two years ago the town of Enfield wanted to hold a high school graduation in a cathedral because it was the only place in town big enough to fit a lot of people. This sounded like a nefarious plot to chip away at our aversion to theocracy and people felt that the town was endorsing religion under the guise of liking big rooms with a lot of places to sit. No one was fooled and the high school changed its mind.

In a more enlightened event with the words "peace" and "freedom" not to mention, which they did, "jobs", were uttered with songs and inspiring speeches at the CPUSA (Communist Party United States of America) 94th anniversary gala event held in the Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School auditorium in New Haven where People's World Amistad Awards were given out. There are no red carpet photos of the event and so no images of anyone wearing "Mao". The Very Right Reverend Scott Marks (don't get nervous) gave the closing remarks calling for friendly harassment of the neighborhood with "door to door organization" and proclaimed he will "move forward" and "not go back" very Marksist.

Former state Senator Ed Gomes, Edwin Vargas, a teacher and Laurie Kennington, president of Local 34 clerical and technical workers at Yale were the awardees. Edwin Vargas, a best supporting Communist award winner quoted Che Guevara saying "the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love" and no one loved executing counter-revolutionaries better that peace loving Che.

No one was offended nor did anyone feel left out.

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