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Communications Hill reviews and development

Communications Hill 2014
Communications Hill 2014
Christina Rivas-Louie

If one were to search Google today for a place called Communications Hill, the top results would show reviews of the San Jose real estate spot on and Communications Hill is a relatively new residential community complete with a growing infrastructure including Vieira City Park and Fire Station 33. However, it is the paved trail which intersects with a grand 223 step outdoor stairway that draws a number of non-residential visitors to the location with their fitness challenges in mind.

Communications Hill 2014
Christina Rivas-Louie

Based on on-line reviews, it seems Communications Hill is onto something great with the development and infrastructure, but some reviewers voice concerns when it comes to visitors stopping by to enjoy the trail and the stairway. Opinions about Communications Hill range in rank from 7.7 out of 10 on FourSquare to 3 out of 5 on Yelp.

A sample Yelp review states, “It's a great view while running and it's got a runners dream come true.... hills... And stairs!!!!!” While on the other hand, another reviewer on FourSquare says, “Let’s all follow the non residents to their homes, take all their parking & then obnoxiously exercise until they know how it feels.”

Development plans
For a closer look into KB Homes development of Communications Hill, the project’s specific plan can be viewed on the City of San Jose’s web page. According to the website, the project’s specific plan: was adopted by the San Jose City Council in 1992; the plan is for a mixed use development proposal for up to 2,200 residential units (single-family and multi-family); up to 67,500 square feet earmarked for commercial and retail uses; and lastly, the plan includes 55 acres of industrial park uses, parks, open space, trails, streets, storm water facilities, and other associated supporting infrastructure, as allowed within approximately 312 acres of the Communications Hill Specific Plan Area.

A follow up story, Communications Hill media reports and tips for visiting, will examine media reports and 10 tips for visiting Communications Hill.

View the City of San Jose’s aerial Communications Hill photo here.

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Communications Hill is located at 356 Mullinix Way in San Jose, Calif. Major cross streets are Capitol Expressway and Snell Avenue.