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Communication Skills for Marriage

Couple relaxing
Couple relaxing
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Communication is one of the top reasons for divorce in marriage. It is usually a breakdown in communication between a husband and wife that causes frustration, uneasiness and can lead to divorce. From talking with different friends over the years that have been married it is often miscommunication based on assumptions about a situation instead of actually talking about the issue. This leads to couples having a communication block after they become frustrated.

To effectively communicate several components should be in place such as:

Focus – the communicator and receiver must be focused in order for the message to be received. Husbands and wives should not attempt to communicate with each other when one is watching a very important show on television or the other has had a hard day at work and is already in a mood.

Listening – so crucial to communication because often times people are not really listening, they are already formulating how they are going to respond to what is being said. In a marriage, this can cause many arguments due to spouse’s anticipating what the discussion is going to be .

Point of View – this is huge in communication because we always want others to see our point of view. Step back and try to see the big picture and understand the others point of view so it does not seem as if one person is getting their way all the time. That is one way for sure to bring division in a marriage.

Accepting Responsibility – another factor when communicating is to own your mistakes and apologizing. Do not be so quick to shift the blame when you know the choices made were in error and caused an even bigger division in your marriage.

Those are just a few components that will aid in communication in the marriage. Let me share another item that I believe is important is atmosphere when communicating.

Local places that can set a nice and inviting atmosphere to communicate on neutral ground:

1) Cool River Café in Denver Tech Center has a great atmosphere

2) Maggiano's Little Italy in The Denver Pavilions

3) PF Changs in Downtown Denver

Begin communicating today for the benefit of the marriage instead of being silent and allowing things to happen that can drive you further apart.


  • WriterRoxanne, Twitter 5 years ago

    This is excellent. I found some additional tips for healthy communication in relationships. (Google "sustaining relationships through communication, blanford")

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