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Communication barred

The regulation, if any, to express any livelihood IS to talk less. In this process through having a mindset that clicks to produce any semblance of renewal, hope is somehow attained. The less commonly viewed way of such the need for communication is that talking less is right, seems right and in it no other way, although it seems wrong.

Involving a story of someone I know personally, this lady had a hesitancy syndrome which kept her from striving to make a difference. She opted for a change, something different. She changed her overprocessing, unexplainable focus detailed to her as her internal being. (Mind/emotions/soul, those of which has no reason for remorse of feelings). She saw that the need to express this focus is negative.

She has concluded that the cover over her eyes has been the false belief that every place has its acceptable "unnormal" and how it didn't matter if there is or will be. Her view of herself was the self-image of being a convenient 'side handle' where either not being able to control herself on meds and/or having to obediently take them. Considering at times going without them for a period leads her to decompensation as mentioned by her case manager. She depreciated even the reminder being it so impersonal or at least to her, misunderstood.

What scares her now is the programming of her mind in short-term memory. For example, a task done ten seconds ago. More importantly is her view being on the switch back to the same medicine taken five years ago where at that time the side effect had made her sick to her stomach. Yet by still consuming this medicine she digresses through her abillity to remember. Such as remindings of herself and how through functioning behaviorally well the ways she went about it was good.

This is when the medicine hopping starts. Of course, through Doctor's appointments she has yet learned to be not able to get off of taking meds. Others have a hopeful view in which she strives to believe and that through living life as best she can one day at a time, she believes God willing, it can only be God. It's just that the effort to sustain momentum in outside "beauty", lets say has altered, as the component of her beauty inside shall be described as having no difference or matter to stay normal. It is because her honesty in communicating struggles is barred through experiences she had whether traumatizing or psychological.


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