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Walgreens-Option Care is a home infusion pharmacy that specializes in IV medications for chronically ill patients. Option-Care provides multiple therapies to patients and is superior when it comes to extended hospital care. Some therapies and services allow patients to maintain an independent hospital-free course of therapy. Some may be catheter management, chemotherapy, nutrition, heart failure, respiratory IV and Inhaled and steroids. Some of the diseases treated are hemophilia, hepatitis C, HIV , multiple sclerosis and oncology. The Option Care’s main corporate office is located in Deerfield, IL but the company has at least 3-4 locations in every state in the country. Option Care was recently purchased by Walgreens Company and ever since that integration has taken place so has the organizational behavior.
Recently our CEO has informed all employees that over 1000 senior citizens are to retire voluntary or involuntary by the end of February 2009. The company’s Vice presidents are now going to eliminate multiple executive positions, from having 45 Vice Presidents to only 5 nationally. Benefits and rewards for all employees have almost vanished.
Lay-offs have been taking place for the last year in order to cut cost to the company. Employees are not the same because they are unsure when their last day may be and feel unsecure every day. From a personal perspective since I have been with the company almost 4 years now, I have seen many locations close down, one in the Chicago land area. Corporate employees have been also affected in order to improve profits and cut cost. Option care is no longer the same place where I started so long ago and it seems that is it rather a difficult place to work for. I have witnessed the new referral reduction from hospitals we are contracted with and the number of patients has declined significantly. The cost of certain medications is too high and certain insurance companies do not guarantee that they will pay for it, which make patients look for alternative ways and or choose different home infusion providers instead.
Organization and communication go hand by hand when improving a company like Walgreens-Option Care. There should be a better communication in our branch between different departments and a better communication between patients and reimbursement at time of accepting new referrals.
If for instance, the patient has Medicaid which is also knows as public aid, the government is responsible for paying the majority of drugs if not all the drugs since this type of insurance is available only to certain low-income individuals and families who fit into an eligibility group. Medicaid works in a different way since it sends payments directly to your health care providers, in this case Walgreens-Option Care. Medicaid is different from state to state and has different guidelines as far as eligibility and coverage. Another example would consider a patient whose insurance is Medicare, which senior citizens usually apply for at the age of 65 or just before. This type of insurance covers brand-name and generic prescription drugs and home health drugs as well. The biggest advantage of having Medicare insurance is that it provides protection against very high drug costs or in another words it helps to reduce the out-of pocket expense of prescription drugs.

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