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Communicate well? Commit to even better.


Communicate well? Great. You can communicate even better.

No matter how excellent a communicator one is, she can always communicate better.

No matter how engaged your business's employees are, they can always be a bit more engaged.

Those two "betters" go together.

Improve the quantity and quality of your communication and you'll see the quantity and quality of your employees' engagement rise. I suggest three meaningful (but not too imposing) commitments you may consider.

If you have good content, good information to share with your people, you have a reason to communicate with them. The more often you have a reason to communicate, the better your communication can become.
Commit to finding and sharing one info-bit per week: about the economy, industry, community, company, department, customers...

If you ask questions of your employees, you give them the engagement-opportunity to answer. As well, you provide yourself the opportunity to improve as both a questioner and a listener, two keys to strong communication.
Commit to building a meaningful question into every communication. (Note: a meaningful question is one which generates thinking in both parties.)

If you reflect on the answers you provide to employees' questions, your answers will improve. Your reflection, too, will increase your awareness of your employees and the engagement revealed by the questions they ask.
Commit to looking back at answers you give to employees.

A little commitment. Better communication. More engagement.


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