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Commonly overlooked aspects of the mommy makeover

Mommy Makeover Honolulu - Dr. Larry Schlesinger
Mommy Makeover Honolulu - Dr. Larry Schlesinger
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The mommy makeover is a suite of procedures designed specifically for mothers. It is individualized to every patient’s needs, but usually consists of any combination of the following procedures: breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, and labiaplasty.

Most women ask their Honolulu plastic surgeon all of the common questions like “what should I expect from the healing process”, or “how do I properly prepare for this procedure”, but many women are surprised and unprepared to cope with some of the more complex features of recovering from a mommy makeover.

Many Hawaii women who have received a mommy makeover and other cosmetic procedures begin to realize early on that they may not be receiving all of the support from their friends and families like they may have hoped. Remember who you are getting the procedure for, YOU! Other people are entitled to their own opinions and there is no need to take it personally.

Having plastic surgery is not a weight loss alternative. Some women on Oahu have made the mistake of skipping their regular workouts or even quitting all together after undergoing a body contouring procedure. Working out helps maintain your mommy makeover results and will also help you heal faster.

Having a life changing procedure can be pretty emotional. Going from tears of joy, anxiousness, and all the way to frustration is normal. Put some pain medication in the mix and that is a recipe for an emotional roller coaster, don’t worry though, this, too, will pass.

Most of the procedures included with a mommy makeover require some amount of downtime. Being a mother on Oahu means you are used to being incredibly busy ALL the time. Before your procedures, collect some books you have wanted to read and some crafts you have wanted to give a shot. Occupying your time should make your recovery a lot smoother.

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