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Common sense from Farid Khavari, candidate for governor of Florida

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Florida leads the nation in sold housing liens according to The Washington Post. In fact, Miami-Dade County put up 57,000 liens for sale last year alone. [snip] Florida, in 1998, then-Attorney General Bob Butterworth found large companies were rigging auctions to win liens, costing homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars. And that's not all; student debt regarding educational loans is skyrocketing too.

So, if you’re as fed-up as I am over corporate takeover-socialism in our county and state, you might be interested in the following. It is a reprint from I strongly suggest you read Dr. Khavari’s remarks.

[As governor, here’s what I will do to end the enslavement of our young people, which is destroying their lives before they even get started, and wrecking our economy, too. This solution will reduce student debt, improve our higher education system, and create good jobs.

One of the most insidious examples of corporate socialism is the massive student loan debt—over a trillion dollars and skyrocketing higher—that enslaves our young people and their families. Banks issue these loans by creating money which costs them virtually nothing, and get federal guarantees besides. Banks get the profits, government sells out the students, and the people bear the risks. Sound familiar? The availability of more student loans directly enables –and causes—the escalation in costs of higher education. This is exactly the way health insurance companies enable—and cause—higher costs of health care.

The result is millions of students, graduates and their families trapped in slavery to banks for years. How can a young graduate with $30,000, $50,000 or more in student debt start a life and a family, buy a home and contribute to the economy when every disposable dollar he or she earns is sucked up by debt payments? Multiply that by millions of students and it is easy to see why our economy is stalled and failing.

We need to address this urgent problem in two ways. We need to reduce the debt burden so that our young people can make our economy grow and have good lives (and get out of the house!). And we need to dramatically reduce the cost of higher education.

My proposed publicly-owned SuperBank will rewrite existing student loans at 1.5% interest, and make new loans available to deserving students at 1.5% also. This will dramatically reduce the crushing debt burden at no cost to Florida taxpayers.

For the long term, we must reduce the cost of higher education in Florida, while improving quality and making higher education or career training available to every student willing to learn. Eventually we can simply make higher education free. Until then there are steps we can take immediately at very little cost.

One way to slash costs for students is to enable them to earn degrees in less time. By making more basic and prerequisite college courses available online, high school juniors and seniors could earn enough credits to reduce their time in college by a year, at virtually no cost, and make their time at college more productive by being better prepared. This step alone will reduce the cost of higher education by 25% and the cost of that first year’s courses by 90%. Students who excel in these courses would earn credits toward free tuition for the next year.

Too many families sacrifice their retirement savings and too many young people are enslaved by debt in the name of higher education. For too many, the education comes when they realize they are hopelessly in debt and jobs are not available, thanks in part to the greed of the very banks they owe.

My plan to create one million private sector jobs in Florida, without subsidies or higher taxes, will make the jobs available. Stay tuned for more about this plan. With leadership we can assure that our colleges and career schools teach the skills our young people need to prosper in the new Florida economy.

Rick Scott will spend $100 million to win a new term as chief lackey to big money special interests. Charlie Crist already has millions from rich lawyers. Big money and special interests spend over a million dollars per year per legislator in Florida just for lobbying–and how many billions on buying elections? There is one way to beat big money and that is by using social media. Informed voters standing up for their rights can beat big money. Our government can work for us, instead of selling us out to the special interests. Pass these messages to everyone you know, and be sure to pass them to every legislator and candidate for the legislature, too.

Join the slave revolt! End slavery in Florida. End corporate socialism. Vote Khavari for Governor. Pass it on!

Farid A. Khavari, Ph.D., is a noted economist and author of 10 groundbreaking books. He is a candidate for Florida Governor 2014.]



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