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Common Roots Cafe

Back view
Back view

Common Roots Cafe is an environmentally friendly cafe. They create their menu from scratch and use organic and local ingredients.


Common Roots Cafe composts their wastes and recycles as much as possible. The design of the building is mostly salvaged materials such as the floor taken from an old barn. The lights came from old stages and greenhouses. The counter top is made from recycled cardboard.They even have their own garden in back which grew 1500 pounds of produce last year.

Their menu changes monthly, so they can offer the freshest ingredients. The deli salads ands soups constantly change. The cafe offers plain, sesame, poppy seed, and onion bagels. And, of course, they offer organic cream cheese.

Some sandwiches include smoked tofu, egg salad, and fish tacos. They also serve brunch like orange poppyseed pancakes, bagel egg and cheese, and mushroom benedict. Dinner options include spring risotto, arugula fettucine, and grilled beef satay. This cafe even serves beer and wine.

Common Roots Cafe is located 2558 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis MN. Parking is available north of their lot, but they prefer if you would walk, bus, or bike.

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