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How to overcome common relationship issues

Relationship Issues
Relationship Issues

Think you are in a perfect relationship? There is no such thing as the perfect relationship, and everybody knows that. Sooner or later, every couple will encounter relationship issues and problems that will certainly make them question their compatibility, but the good news is that you can overcome all of these bothersome issues, with a bit of luck and effort. The longer the relationship or marriage is, the more likely you are to experience different problems throughout your emotional journey. That being said, here is a deeper insight into some of the most common problems that may occur in relationships, and how to successfully overcome them:

1. The Spouses Express Their Love Differently

Different people have different ways of expressing their love, emotions and appreciation towards the other one, and some people simply prefer to express it through their actions rather than through the classic “I love you”. However, we all want to be reassured of the other one’s love every now and then, and we sometimes end up telling our spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend that they do not tell us they love us, as often or as intense as we would like them to.

In order to overcome this common yet harmless problem, it is important to understand that there are five main ways through which people tend to express their love and gratitude: some do it through physical touching, others through words and terms of endearment, while others simply love to make gifts. On the other hand, some people do not like to state their feelings or to buy flowers – instead, they invite you to spend quality time with them by buying tickets to the opera or cinema, or by scheduling a vacation together, while other people simply express their love through different “acts of service”, so to call them.

2. Being Too Possessive

This is yet another common relationship problem these days, and it usually goes hand in hand with jealousy and lack of trust. It has occurred to most of us at least once to be in a relationship or even marriage where the other one has asked us to give up our personal friends in order to spend more time with them. While most of the time, people ask us to give up such personal connection because they want us to be by their side, in other cases they do it because they do not trust us and they are afraid of being cheated on.

It is extremely important for them to understand that being too possessive can and certainly will wreak havoc on the marriage or relationship, sooner or later. Everybody should have the right to spend quality time with friends, relatives and other people that are dear to their heart, without worrying about the fact that their partner or spouse will hold them responsible for this.

3. Money Issues

Financial issues are one of the most common causes of break-ups and divorce these days, along with cheating. There are all sorts of financial problems that can arise throughout the course of a relationship, from rent and monthly car payments to tuition, childcare and what not. On the other hand, one of the spouses may also end up spending a lot more than they are supposed to, and this can become a problem especially if the two of you have decided to have a joint money fund. It is important to discuss these matters in order to overcome it, and if you believe that the only way to solve the financial problems would be by having two different bank accounts rather than sharing the same one, then by all means – do so!

4. Spending Too Much Time Apart

When it comes to the amount of time that you spend apart and together, it must be said that balance is the key – spending too much time with the other one can become annoying and even frustrating for some people, as everybody needs to spend some time alone all by themselves, while spending too much time apart can also drift both of you away. Not once did it happen for couples to break up or for marriages to end in divorce simply because one of the parties failed to understand their counterpart's need for privacy and time alone. As human beings, we tend to drift away and to back off when we feel that our privacy and intimacy are under attack.

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