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Common reason why we do not lose weight

You are more than the # on a scale.
You are more than the # on a scale.

Here is a simple article for you today -

There is ALWAYS a reason that you are at a plateau. You just need to do the detective work to find it (them). If you are struggling with weight loss, here are a few topics to go deeper into to see if these are the causes of your sluggish results.


1. Many of our social interactions include food.

2. Restaurants portions have increased (particularly fast food).

3. We are less active than in the past.

4. We find it unacceptable to be hungry.

5. We misunderstand how bodyweight is maintained.

6. We forget the extra food we eat every day, or think we ate less than we did.

7. We make “poor”, reactive decisions surrounding food.

8. We fail to plan meals and find ourselves unprepared, often.

Studies have also shown that we tend to eat more calories in the following situations:
1. Food is presented in large quantities (restaurants, parties)
2. A wide variety of food is present (buffets, all you can eat)
3. More people are present
4. Being distracted and doing something else (watching TV)
5. Eating out of large packages (bag of chips, tub of ice cream)
6. Tempting foods are within reach and within eyesight
7. Frequently dining out

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