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Common Core uncommonly bad for Alabama

Use it's freedom to protect the children
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"Education's real challenge is to produce men and women who know how to think; and knowing how, do it; and having done it, voice their opinions." Henry T. Heald

Common Core a.k.a. the Alabama College and Career Standards is a problem that must be met by both teachers and parents. Through complacency we have allowed the surrender of the education system to the likes of President Obama's socialist change agents. The Constitution of Alabama; Education Article XIV, Section 262, #2 states; "The authority and duties of the superintendent of education shall be determined by the state board of education according to such regulations as the legislature may prescribe."

Common Core serves no purpose other than to produce cookie cutter sheeple. It is the socialist brainwashing of our nation's children. It is chaining our children to the yoke of mind numbing political correctness and producing minions of the nanny state.

Alabamians United for Excellence in Education (Facebook) is leading the way in repealing this nightmare. Their stated goals are

  • Stop the invasion of student privacy and tracking for national data banks as mandated by the implementation of Common Core State Standards Initiative.
  • Stop high stakes testing.
  • Stop the K-12 educational overhaul by federal mandates dictated by the federal government through Common Core State Standards Initiative.
  • Regain state and local control of education by repealing the implementation of Common Core State Standards Initiative.
  • Inform Alabama citizens of the costs to taxpayers for any federal education implementation of Common Core State standards Initiative.

"We agree that the authority of education first rests with the parents. Beyond that, the public schools of Alabama are accountable to the Legislature by the following decree. These legislators are immediately accountable to parents of public school children and should strive to uphold family values, high quality standards, and support effective and loving teachers. Our Legislators are not accountable to the Alabama State Department of Education. It is the reverse. The Alabama State Department of Education is accountable to the public through the Alabama Legislature."

Those who should be active in defeating this scheme are

  • Teachers - who have been given a literal gag order against speaking out about Common Core's failure. You are on the front lines of this battle.
  • Parents - who want the best for their children but see their education being watered down, their morals and character being compromised, and their future made bleak.
  • The Governor - who was elected to put a halt to the progressive advance and to look out for Alabama.
  • The Superintendent of Education for the State of Alabama - to heed their job not the special interest behind Common Core.
  • Alabama State Board of Education - who've ignored the wishes of their constituents. Only the Governor, Stephanie Bell, and Betty Peters voted with the citizens of Alabama.
  • Legislators - who need to investigate Common Core and expose it's hidden agenda.
  • Churches - who need to heed the instruction to "train up a child in the way they should go..." Where are your voices of opposition? Will you stand in the gap for Alabama's children? The November 12-13 annual meeting of the Alabama Southern Baptist Convention adopted a resolution expressing their concern over Common Core standards.

Don't know what Common Core is simply research it for yourself:

What can you do?

  1. Join with the AUEE to help Stop Common Core in Alabama by signing the petition.
  2. Watch and share Common Core related videos on their website.
  3. Visit their website for more info and share it with other parents and teachers.
  4. Take an active role in rescuing the future of Alabama from peril. Oppose Common Core today!

Take the time to attend the upcoming meetings to express your concerns as a parent, grandparent, teacher, or concerned citizen. The first is planned for Friday, January 10 from 6-8:30 pm at the Anniston City Meeting Center. Upcoming meetings are scheduled for

  • Fairhope,- January 7
  • Alabama Public Television- January 15
  • Dothan- Calvary Baptist Church
  • Montgomery- January 21 Davis Theater

Silence is consent! We must not consent to the continued dumbing down and indoctrination of our children. Take part today and let your voice be heard. Use every tool at your disposal to be heard loud and clear. Tell the change agents in Washington to keep their hands off Alabama's children. Phone, fax, call, visit, e-mail, snail mail, whatever you have to do but do something. You can make a difference.

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