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Common Core tells teachers to say ‘all right wing extremist groups’ are fascist

Hillsdale professor Terrence Moore
Hillsdale professor Terrence Moore
The Daily Caller

It seems America's children are being indoctrinated into a radical left wing political ideology by Common Core. In a video posted Saturday at the Daily Caller, Hillsdale professor Terrence Moore said that in at least one case, teachers are instructed to tell students that "all right-wing extremist groups” are fascist.

Moore told the Daily Caller's Ginni Thomas that parents need to be concerned about the teaching notes that are part of the curriculum being used in schools, in addition to the actual books and lessons.

Grae Stafford observed that "the notes and standards come as part of a comprehensive package."

Moore said his research reveals students are being taught a distinct political slant, one that "dictates not only what children are taught, but also how they should be taught."

For example, he said, "take the novel Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which is a great classic, we all know it,” he told The Daily Caller.

“What they do is give you about three or four pages of Mary Shelley, not a selection from Frankenstein, but just writing about Frankenstein, and then you will have four or five of a modern author talking about frightening stories that she heard as a child that have no relation to Frankenstein," he explained. "You might see a picture from a 1950′s movie of Frankenstein Monster. The teacher will ask the class to dress up as Frankenstein sometimes to actually write an autobiography of a monster so you put yourself in the position of a monster. Why? Because monsters are never properly understood. So to figure out what it means to be a monster you have to put yourself in the monster’s shoes. I’m not making this up."

On top of that, Moore added, students are given five and a half pages of a Saturday Night Live skit on Frankenstein.

Moore explained that an actor makes a comment about the monster having green skin.

“Oh, so this is a race thing? What are you guys? A bunch of fascists?” the Frankenstein character asks in the script.

The teacher is then given instructions on what to do at that point in the class.

“In the margin of the teachers edition, the teacher is instructed to explain the term ‘fascist’ to the students and to point out that the term ‘fascist’ is now applied to all right-wing extremist groups,” he said.

But what, exactly, constitutes a "right-wing extremist group" in Common Core?

Moore did not say if the curriculum explained that, but given today's political climate where liberals see racism in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, one can only conclude that any group advocating adherence to the Constitution is now considered "fascist."

Moore is the author of "The Story-Killers: A Common-Sense Case Against the Common Core," a book that exposes the "hidden agenda" of the controversial education standard under fire across the country.



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