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Common Core’s Marxist assault on our youth

Saint Augustine Tea Party Meeting on 3-25-14
Saint Augustine Tea Party Meeting on 3-25-14TCC Staff

Common Core’s Marxist assault on our youth

On March 25, 2014, the Saint Augustine Tea Party (SATP) held its second ‘Open’ speaker meeting for the month. The group meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. The featured speaker, returning for the third time, was William Korash. Mr. Korash is the publisher of The Report Card. His on-line publication focuses on educational issues and he reported that the site is getting an average of 39,000 hits per month. Mr. Korash also serves as St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee’s First Vice Chairman.

According to Korash, David Coleman, the acknowledged “architect” of Common Core Standards, is busy rewriting PSATs and SATs to fall into line with his Common Core Standards. Coleman is the head of the College Board. Korash pointed out that Coleman has been associated with Bill Ayres.

This Communist association was visually disturbing to the people in attendance. David Coleman’s connection to Weather Underground bomber, Bill Ayers, was not acceptable to the SATP members. “Ayers appointed Barack Obama to head the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. No, Ayers wasn’t “just a guy in the neighborhood” as Obama claimed when he was running for President. He and Ayers shared an office for three years, and cheated the children of Chicago out of millions of dollars of educational funding. A significant amount went to Ayers’ Small Schools Workshop for ethnic projects. The priorities like math and reading were left wanting. Linda Darling Hammond is a Stanford professor who has worked closely with Bill Ayers over the years and was Obama’s Educational Advisor during his first presidential campaign”, said, Dave Heimbold SATP Media Chairman, quoting facts he had gleaned during discussions after the meeting. The group concluded that Common Core is a Communist attack on the youth of America and pushed by the Republican controlled Florida Legislature against their own party members.

Kim Kendall, a Republican activist, assisted Mr. Korash in his presentation. Mrs. Kendall has a record of opposing Common Core. She addressed the group as a citizen and a mother concerned with the state of education in St. Johns County.

Korach went on to disclose that new textbooks on history have a world view. American history is being rewritten to exclude American achievements and focuses on “Victimhood based on Race, Class and Gender”. It is what white men did to the Indians, the Blacks and women. Gone are the founding fathers, with only a brief mention of George Washington. The Constitution of the United States is not being presented with any detail. The sacrifices of those who died in the various conflicts preserving liberty are excluded. The Holocaust is not mentioned in World War II, however, the dropping of the atomic bomb is presented in a negative way. Mr. Korash reported that only 12% of high school students have a sufficient knowledge of history. “The willful destruction of a culture is a clear indication of a domestic Communist attack,” a ‘cold war’ Tea Party member said.

Korash said he has all but given up on the local St. Johns School Board. The school board claims that their decisions are now in the hands of the State of Florida, the Federal government. William Korash said, " A solution to restore excellence in the public schools is found in Charter Schools, which are still public schools but without the teachers unions.”