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Common Core + Moratorium = Better Education

One of the hottest words in the English language these days is pure Latin: moratorium. A polysyllabic way of saying delay.

Many communities oppose Common Core

Across the country, the public is turning against Common Core for a range of reasons. Unfortunately, the states signed complex agreements with the federal government. Now these have to be renegotiated. The easiest way for a state to buy breathing room is to declare a moratorium. This is happening a lot as the quotes below show.

BACKGROUND: Five years ago 46 states gave up a big chunk of their sovereignty. The political leaders of these states were rolled like drunk tourists in a bad part of town. Local media, foundations, and business leaders jumped on the bandwagon. But why? At that time Common Core was only a pitch and a lot of promises. Nothing was written, never mind tested or proven. But people who should have known better said, “Sure, if it’s good enough for Obama, it’s good enough for us.”

Common Core and ObamaCare were intended to be the twin peaks of the Obama legacy. They gave the government control of everything that the EPA didn’t already control. It was a pathetic surrender. But now the nominal leaders of society are starting to exert some leadership, for a change.

Virginia, Texas, Nebraska, and Alaska never accepted Common Core. Indiana, Minnesota, South Carolina and Oklahoma canceled during the Spring. South Carolina pulled out today. Others will follow.

BREAKING NEWS: “Gov. Nikki Haley (R-South Carolina) signed legislation that requires a committee to review and revise her state’s standards by the 2015-16 school year and replaces the Common Core-aligned tests with state-developed tests that same year.” [June 9, 2014]

ALBANY—Senate Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeffrey Klein said...that Governor Andrew Cuomo and other top lawmakers plan to institute a moratorium on implementation of the Common Core standards, for ‘at least three years.’” [March, 2014]

Oregon's teachers union is calling on state schools chief Rob Saxton to cancel state reading and math tests in spring 2015 because it says the new exams Oregon plans to give are unproven and too hard.”[May, 2014]

"Details emerge on Common Core ‘moratorium’ and ‘local option’— Some school boards have been going gangbusters trying to put Common Core in,” Beason said. “The language that we inserted into the budget says they have to stop where they are with math and english. They can’t adopt social studies or science.” [Alabama, Feb, 2014]

Maine Education Association seeks moratorium on new standardized tests,…is calling for a moratorium on new standardized tests scheduled to be given to students next year as part of the state’s implementation of the Common Core.” [April, 2014]

Portland Public School board member Steve Buel presented a resolution citing concerns with the implementation of Common Core $tate $tandards at Wednesday night's meeting. He called for a three-year moratorium… to the delight of a sizable contingent of the audience of parent, teachers, and students.” [April, 2014]

WHERE WE ARE NOW: “The Common Core standards and their implementation are suffering attacks all around America and from all sides — in red states and blue, and from the left and right. The Massachusetts Teachers Association, the state’s largest teacher’s union at 110,000 members, elected a new president on Saturday, and she’s opposed to Common Core." [May, 2014]

Common Core was too much too fast. It was sweeping in detail and totalitarian in spirit. The United States has always given states and local officials control over education. This system has worked very well. When it has not worked well, that’s because the Education Establishment has promoted inferior theories and methods.

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