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Common Core just an old United Nations idea to make transformational change

Students participating in President Obama's 2009 stimulus program connected to Common Core
Students participating in President Obama's 2009 stimulus program connected to Common Core
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One of your most basic "rights", to raise your own children as you see fit is under heavy attack...

Remember when you were told that the "affordable healthcare act" must be passed before you could see what's in it? Well the education system is getting the same kind of shadow government overhaul.

The fact that Common Core is being touted by many politicians -- including Republicans -- as a "good thing for our children" is an early red flag. This Republican in Wyoming, state rep Lloyd Larsen has strongly defended Common Core.

But let no one deceive you...

As a gun rights advocate I'm here to tell you, if you don't fight this federal education takeover, the gun grabbing Marxists may get their way sooner than you think -- and they will do so by indoctrinating all future generations of Americans!

The new standards will require U.S. students to learn using 70% non-fiction literature, with a large portion of material being, the collectivist led media. In other words, under Common Core teenagers must rely on the -- lapdog media -- for a majority of their educational stimulus.

In one example of Common Core approved reading, a book called Nickel and Dimed by an author so blatantly progressive that when the Communist Manifesto was re-released on its 150th anniversary in 1998, Barbara Hrenreich celebrated the event.

The media being the new "Common Core alliance" has literally sprung into action. Many new media partners as -- non-profits -- have developed new "literary" resources using hundreds of thousands in philanthropist dollars to create the latest "aligned" materials.

Most of the groundwork was laid by the so-called voluntary No Child Left Behind Act and Comprehensive 'Digital Classroom' Initiative enacted by George W. Bush. More recently, Barack Obama has promised to strengthen media in classrooms with "ConnectED", a plan to link 99 percent of America's classrooms to the Internet within five years.

Obama's education Czar -- Arne Duncan -- a former Chicago schools superintendent who was confirmed by the U.S. Senate by a unanimous vote in 2009 -- is now telling the media how to report on Common Core to the public.

And let's not forget the "quiet" architect of Common Core David Coleman, who gave $15,000 to support the re-election of Obama.

PBS media has embraced Obama's mandate with an abundance, available in written form, as well as the standard video format. Take a look at this gun control debate teachers guide.

PBS has also developed a web-site called PBS TeacherLine, with what it calls online professional development courses for K-12 educators.

There is simply NO shortage of anti-gun curriculum -- like this anti-gun resource from EDMIN, Gun Control in America: Student Discussion Guide.

The National Teacher's Union the NEA is fully on board with Obama's gun control agenda. To give you an idea of just how vehemently anti-gun the Union Bosses are -- the NEA vice president Lily Eskelsen Garcia recently said that gun rights activists are "going to hell".

Of course the whole education "Common Core" idea isn't "new" at all...

In fact, the United Nation policy directors have issued many white papers such as this piece called, "A Methodological Guide to the Application of the Notion of Common Core" drafted in 1984.

In 1988 the same author J.C. Pauvert compiled a United Nations report titled, " UNESCO Senior education personnel - new functions and training". The agenda as the document states is, " the training of educational personnel, and more particularly that of primary and secondary school teachers, has always been one of the priority subjects of United Nations program."

Common Core is just an "old idea" by Robert Muller who spent 40 years working behind the scenes at the United Nations and created the "World Core Curriculum". Muller is know by progressives as the "father of global education".

On its face, Common Core is just another instance of the transformational change that Barack Obama has adamantly promised to the American people.

Here's the good news...

It's not too late to stop Common Core, it can be done at the state level. Get involved today!

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