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Common Core expert to give presentation in Delta

To adopt the Common Core Standards, school districts must revamp much of their curriculum
To adopt the Common Core Standards, school districts must revamp much of their curriculum
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Jane Robbins J.D. senior fellow at American Principles Project, will be speaking on the Common Core State Standards Initiative on Saturday, July 13 from 9 a.m - noon at the Bill Heddles Recreation Center in Delta. Ms. Robbins appears in the Stop Common Core video series produced by the American Principles Project, in which she discusses the origin of these standards and their effect upon local and parental control of children's education. The cost of the event, which is sponsored by Concerned Colorado Citizens, is five dollars.

The Common Core State Standards Initiative has been at least provisionally accepted by a majority of states in the U.S., including Colorado. Acceptance of the Standards was tied to receiving federal Race to the Top grant monies, thus nearly all states complied fairly quickly. Only Texas, Virginia, Alaska and Nebraska were holdouts.

However, as awareness has grown about the loss of local control by school districts, the massive student data mining project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which is also a part of the Initiative, and the problems caused by top-down standards, many states are reconsidering their initial acceptance. In May of 2013, Indiana became the first state to suspend its acceptance of the Common Core Standards until its citizens could have a better idea of all the ramifications of the Initiative. Even homeschooled children and those attending private and charter schools would be affected, as the ACT and SAT are to be aligned to Common Core standards.

Tickets to this event will be available at the door.