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Common Core curriculum rant: Dad lets 'Jack' know it's OK, he can't do it either

Common Core rant in a Facebook post goes viral as Dad can't figure out Common Core math!
Common Core rant in a Facebook post goes viral as Dad can't figure out Common Core math!
Wikimedia Commons

The Common Core curriculum rant that a dad posted on Facebook is quickly making its way around the online world, as he speaks for many parents out there today. Apparently many feel this Common Core is going backwards, when doing math the old fashioned way is quicker and easier.

According to KSDK News on March 26, the Common Core math assignment given to his son came with the directions to use a number line along with the problem solving strategies that the kids are learning in this new Common Core curriculum. The assignment asks the child to help a boy named “Jack” subtract 316 from 427.

The answer of 111 is almost immediately found using the old fashion math, but this new number line was an impossible feat for this father to figure out. Giving up, instead of writing to the teacher, he wrote to the boy “Jack” who was named as the fictional little boy in the assignment the children were asked to help.

Here is what the dad wrote:

"Dear Jack: Don't feel bad. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in electronics. Even I cannot explain the common core mathematics approach. The process used is ridiculous and would result in termination if used. Sincerely, Frustrated Parent."

That says it all. What is up with this Common Core math and why fix something that isn’t broken?

Update: It looks like the fictional boy "Jack" and the father, who wrote the letter about the common core curriculum math problems have a legitimate beef. Lowhud News reports on March 29:

"The state Education Department is trying hard to downplay the second round of Common Core-based tests for grades 3-8, which begin Tuesday, as low-stakes exams with no passing grades and minimal consequences for students."

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