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Common Core, complicated core?

Calculus may be simple compared to Common Core math

Albany legislators have introduced a new education curriculum that have some parents concerned. The Common Core standard is said to raise the quality of education. Governor Cuomo said, “Raising the bar for New York’s schools is critical to preparing our children for the future.”But even some teachers and principals have argued that the test questions are developmentally inappropriate or ambiguous.

Common Core is about arriving at the answer with learning the evidences of how it came to that conclusion. It promotes critical thinking and introduces challenging the information of classic myths, stories, and America's founding documents.

But some complain that it is complicated. Simple math is out the door as the curriculum requires students to learn multiple alternative methods towards generating the answer. The answer is derived by a series of conceptual illustrations to get the results. Politically correct mathematical operations are also applied to the traditional ones. But not only has the language changed, the process arriving at the result also changed.

Rob Astorino, Republican candidate nominee for Governor, states that his children will join other students statewide to refuse Common Core testing as is their legal right. He further tells that Common Core is an “expensive experimental federal that is being forced down our throats by Washington and Albany.” It will cost school districts more money that will be forced out of taxpayers in order for the State to comply to receive recognition by the Federal government.

Why is education becoming more complicated? Some say to raise the standard. But this reminds us of the Goals 2000 program that experimented with outcome-based education and political correctness to replace traditional fundamental teaching. Just another challenge to traditional thinking. And besides that it only separates children from parents who are now hopeless when helping their children with their homework.

The education system had been overhauled in a grand scale since the 1950's with the directives given to nonprofit organizations such as the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, and Carnegie Endowments. Ever since the institution has experimented with the standards for progressive reform. What had mostly resulted was a transformation of this country from a Christian-based culture to some neo-hybrid secular one having morals based in pragmatic conclusions and consensus of the masses while pushing out God. The mindset has changed from national loyalty to a global focus.


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