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Common Core a poison apple for Alabama

Stop Common Core
Stop Common Core
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"Today we are having a discussion about the Common Core Standards, which was an initiative of the Obama Administration." David Axelrod former Senior Adviser to President Obama on October 24, 2013 during a conference at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics.

We have been intentionally lied to by the proponents of Common Core in Alabama. We have heard their propaganda repeated over and over that it is a state written program. The very name Alabama College and Career Readiness Standards (ACCR) is a well orchestrated whitewash.

In truth Common Core is a poison apple adopted by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Board Officers on June 2, 2010. The Alabama State Board of Education sold out students and parents on November 18, 2010 by a vote of 7-2.

It is not nor has it ever been a state led educational program. The NGA/CCSSO/Achieve Inc. cabal schemed with Student Achievement Partners to brew up the Common Core Standards in July 2009. The main players in their scheme David Coleman, Susan Pimental, Jason Zimba, Phil Daro, and William McCallum were all Obama campaign donors. No evidence of any state input has ever been produced. In truth only 15% is added to the 100% Common Core Standards.

"The standards added are not content that would typically be assessed on a large-scale assessment, and might therefore have minimal implications on a common assessment effort." Achieve, Inc.

The talk of rescinding the Memorandum of Agreement with the National Governors Association and CCSSO was a well plotted smoke and mirrors action. It was intended to cull informed resistance to the Obama led takeover of education.

The reality is it will not affect the cancerous growth of Common Core in Alabama. This was clearly stated by Larry Craven, General Counsel for the Alabama Department of Education. The corrective action necessary would be rescinding or repealing the formal adoption of Common Core that occurred on November 18, 2010.

We are being deceived when told that the U.S. Department of Education doesn't control Common Core Standards and State Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS). The grants obtained by former Governor Bob Riley came in the form of a baited hook.

To keep getting these millions of dollars Alabama must surrender to the dictates of the great leader. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act like many of the other grants are filled with phrases like "the State will":

  • Establish a longitudinal data system (Track students).
  • Take steps to improve state academic content. (Forgo education for indoctrination).

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Rights (FERPA) once protected families and students personal info. The Obama Administration with its Big Brother mentality is doing away with any remnants of privacy. FERPA was changed to allow:

  • Page 75605 allows FERPA permitted entities access to your child's personal information.
  • Page 75608 allows this breach of privacy without any written consent of the parents.
  • Page 76509 requires the state to establish a longitudinal tracking system for cradle to grave tracking.
  • Page 75617 defines authorized representatives of those allowed access to include employees, contractors, consultants, volunteers, and other outside parties.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology lists personal information as being:

  • Name
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Date and place of birth
  • Mothers maiden name
  • Biometrics data i.e.; fingerprints, voice prints, retina or iris images, etc....
  • Medical records
  • Education records
  • Financial records

The flaws in Common Core alone are enough to warrant its elimination from the State of Alabama. These include vulgarity disguised as reading material, empty skill sets, lowered standards, replacing classic literature with informational texts (reads leftist brainwashing like abortion, gun control, global warming, birth control, etc....

Prior to the introduction of Obama-Ed ; Alabama test scores were improving for a five year period. Dr. Thomas Bice himself stated on September 25, 2013 that:

  • Alabama schools ranked #1 out of all 50 states in % increases in math, science, and English Advanced Placement exams.
  • Alabama public schools ranked #2 among all 50 states in % increases in math, science, and English for minority students in the advanced placement exams.
  • The increases were 14 times the national average.

The Business Council of Alabama praised these accomplishments. The Alabama Board of Education wants to throw it all away for the dollars tied to Obama's Common Core indoctrination. They choose failing students over any loss of the dollars connected to Common Core. They would rather treat our children like branded cattle instead of individuals with potential.

The Alabama Senate Education Committee recently voted 4-2 to allow local school systems to opt-out of the Common Core Standards. It was sponsored by Senator Scott Beason; a champion for Alabama's students, parents, and teachers. Alabamians must lend their voices to Sen. Beason's efforts to protect our children from this next failure of the Obama Administration. Call your Alabama House and Senate members today and demand they support all opposition to Common Core.

Take part and let your voice be heard. Contact info:

  1. Rainy Day Patriots
  2. Alabamians United for Excellence in Education

The future of Alabama and the nation depends on you. What say you, Alabama?

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