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Common ailments healed by cold temperature

Cold weather improves health
Cold weather improves health
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Cold is good for you. Although saunas and steam rooms are par for the spa experience, it’s the cold sauna that’s been embraced recently for all the right reasons. Cold saunas are the brand-new spa trend, and no it didn’t take them this long to know that the cold is highly beneficial for your body but it took time to prepare this kind of spa treatment to properly administer it to the public. Yes, the cold may be good, healthy, and highly beneficial for the human body but in order to make certain “cold spa treatments” spa-ready the treatments must be a little more than turning the air-condition on.

Set at a temperature not found anywhere on this earth, cold saunas are set to 167°F/-110°C, and yes it’s unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. Why would you want to do that to yourself, you may ask? And the answer is easy and simple. Through cryotherapy (or use of low temperatures) in medical therapy, through cold sauna treatments, injured or arthritic patients or athletes suffering from joint and muscle inflammation can be cured. It’s the simple technique of taking or using the benefits of the cold (or cold weather) and adding additional methods to take the benefits of the cold a little farther.

First developed by a Japanese physician in 1980 as a results-oriented, non-pharmaceutical, alternative therapy for rheumatoid arthritis, it quickly became a success although it didn’t catch to other parts of the world until much later. Now, forward to today, doctors are recommending cold therapies for pain relief and inflammation reduction, and for those suffering from fibromyalgia with inflammation, sleep disorders, depressive moods (typically associated with pain), multiple sclerosis, sciatica, and so much more!

A highly effective cold therapy option to explore, especially if you’re a person suffering with the above ailments, is the cold sauna. The cold therapy and results-oriented treatment meets a goal to cool the entire body, which creates this systemic boost to make it warm up quicker afterwards.

The intensity of the cold actually reduces treatment time, so it becomes only 3 minutes long. Yes, a minute can be forever in any uncomfortable setting, 3 minutes isn’t bad when we’re referring to your health! After all, 3 minutes compared to hours or years correcting your health put it all into perspective!

The cold sauna is simply a different way to deliver cold to the body, and, although through an extreme experience, many agree that when it’s done in a set of series it’s even more effective. At zero humidity inside the cold sauna, the body is protected and not stripped of heat as it would be after an ice bath or from an ice pack. In addition to that benefit, humidity set correctly gives the person the perception of the cold not being as extreme as it is, and you actually inhale almost twice the amount of oxygen per breath.

You want to reduce your pain medication, and the cost of them? Well, give these cold treatments a try! Are you hypersensitive to pain? Then try a cold treatment. You never know what will help until you try it, or what ailments it cures until you try it. Other benefits from such cold therapies are: improved joint and muscle function and blood circulation, improves nutrient and oxygen supply to muscle tissue, improved strength and joint mobility and mental acuity, improved overall quality of life, reduced and relieved skin irritation and fatigue, and benefits from such extreme cold therapies or treatments lasts for 6 months to one year. It’s very difficult to beat that duration from many other treatments that you may receive, so it surely is worth your while to receive cold therapies!

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