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Am I that committed to cross the road right now?
Am I that committed to cross the road right now?
Willard Kille

Well, here it is one and a half months into the New Year. How have you done on those New Year’s Resolutions? How about last year’s resolutions? A significant number of us set out every year with the very best of intentions only to find out, “that the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Matthew 26:41) How is it that some of us do accomplish our resolutions, in-fact it seems they accomplish most of there resolutions? They are accountable to themselves

You never thought losing a few pounds or reducing debt could be so involved – did you?
And in the “big picture” it might not be. However, setting and achieving goals is an important part of our lives. Resolutions are nothing more than goals wrapped in a New Year’s tradition!

I believe that achieving our goals is attainable, all of our goals … everyone of them! Allow me to digress, here for a moment. Many people think “Time Management,” is … managing time! I don’t believe it, time management has nothing to do with “clocks” … it has every thing to do with “Priorities.” In other words, if we were to take all of our days activities for any given day and track what happens, those activities with the highest priorities will get completed … those activities are our “goals” for that day. And so it is with all of our goals … those that have the highest priority will get accomplished. The challenge is to be able to consistently “prioritize!”

When we engage in that type of activity, we find out how strong our habits and attitudes are. Developed over our life times, those two (habits and attitudes) are deeply rooted in our minds and can be hard if not impossible to overcome. Successful change occurs when we set out, on purpose, with purpose to achieve that change. It is here that we must understand the rewards and punishments discussed above regarding accountability. I’ll substitute “consequences” for punishment, if you’ll allow … it isn’t as eternal in nature!

One must list clearly the rewards that will be received for the successful achievement of the goal/resolution you set. You must also list the consequences for the same goal. With those two items accomplished, you will need to now explore all the possible obstacles to your achieving that particular goal … and list them just as you did rewards and consequences. Now you can begin to outline possible solutions to those identified obstacles and from that format begin the journey of consistent goal achievement. Now you must set a date when it is to be completed and assign who it is that is responsible for the goal.

There it is! Plain and simple. Once you’ve decided to accomplish your goal (anything) search it out in your mind, determine if it is in harmony with your values and beliefs, apply the process I’ve outlined and you will begin the journey of taking personal responsibility for your life and all your actions will lead to positive results.

Now, it is our hope and prayer that you will commit to doing those things which will bring you Joy and Happiness … find yourself anxiously engaged in service to others, dream big dreams, and with these new found tools make all your New Years Resolutions become reality … and if you lose a few pounds and pay off a few bills I salute you!

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