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Commercial juicers deliver fresh green drinks while you wait

Fresh Green Juice

Juicing is trending and many people are starting to add juice into their daily routines. There is no doubt adding a daily juice to your diet will provide your body with necessary nutrients and give you energy and improved health. As with any new habit consistency is the key to your new healthy regime, if you make the commitment to juice daily you have two options to get your daily juice.

Your first option is to look into purchasing a home juicer. There are many great home machines out there and depending upon a number of deciding factors you can choose the best juicer for you. Look for a good general juicer that can juice greens as well as the harder vegetables like carrots and celery. Ask yourself what is your time commitment to juicing? When researching juicers a few things to look into:

1) Cleaning time? Does it take a long time disassemble and clean? Are there a lot of parts?

2) Warranty? How long are the parts covered? Do they offer a warranty?

3) Size of fruit and vegetable to be inserted into the chute. Some juicers require you to cut the fruit and vegetables into small pieces. This is an extra step that some prefer not to do.

Your second option is to look for a neighborhood juice bar and stop in to by your freshly prepared juice. The Ceado ES-700 is the commercial juicer for many local juice bars. Whole Foods in Palm Beach Gardens and Wellington serve a number of different fresh fruit and vegetable juice combinations using the Ceado juicer. You can also stop by Publix Greenwise, 11231 Legacy Avenue Palm Beach Gardens for a fresh juice too. In Jupiter there is Café Bellissima, 400 U.S. Highway 1, Suite 1, serving up delicious fruit and vegetable juices.

Whichever option you choose or a combination of both home juicing and fresh drinks purchased at a juice bar, juicing is great for all ages. For recipes to get you started head to

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