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Commenting on other blogs: traffic means importance


One of the reasons that you need to comment on blogs or to do other types of marketing is because it can build traffic to your website. For example, if you need to build a website on sleep disorders, you do want to visit blogs that people are writing that have to do with sleep problems and interact on those sites. By interacting, you gain several key advantages.

· Whenever you comment on a blog, you get to leave a link behind to the blog or website that you have. That means that anyone that is able to go to that blog you are leaving a comment on can also click on the link in your comment and be taken to your website.

· This increases traffic to your blog.

· This also increases the links that are on other websites pointing to your own. That is something that search engines like.

Search engines also value traffic. In other words, a blog or website that is getting traffic to it is going to rank better than any website that is not getting traffic. This is because these websites are simply more important to the masses on the web than those that are not getting traffic. As you build traffic to your website, this will increase your page ranking results which further increase your traffic.

Commenting on blogs is something you should do but it is not something that you should abuse. There is no benefit to spamming other people’s blogs and it is a sure fire thing that they will not allow you to continue to do that. It takes a great deal to build up a reputation on the web but blog commenting is one of the best ways that you can do that. It is a roundabout way to build traffic to your website but it is highly effective.