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Commentary: WCOA-FM and WAVH-FM's new local midday radio programs

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I liked WAVH-FM (106.5) and WCOA-FM's (100.7) plans to add new local news and discussion programs to their regular programming schedules for Monday through Friday after broadcasting the final edition of the national radio program formerly hosted by Mike Huckabee since they would provide more opportunities for more local discussions on more local topics and provide more opportunities for residents in their broadcast areas to hear local discussions through their radios or computers and participate in those discussions.

So far they have succeeded in their plans (even though the local program broadcast by WCOA-FM may get replaced by a national program since it was not intended to be permanent), but I believe the new local programs they had been broadcasting ("IN Your Head Radio" for WCOA-FM and "Midday Mobile" for WAVH-FM) would be better if their hosts were to address more topics of general interest in addition to news topics such as broadcasting, movies, music, cartoons, computers, and video games, promote positive conversations, and maintain their class and professionalism while hosting (for example: no rude language). If the hosts were to incorporate these ideas into their respective programs, more folks would want to hear the programs and more local businessmen would be willing have their businesses advertised in the commercial breaks for the programs. These ideas could even encourage broadcasters from radio stations similar to WCOA-FM and WAVH-FM in other radio markets to try some of those ideas for their own local radio programs. It would be beneficial for broadcasting and society in general.

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