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Commentary: The disappearance of WALA-TV's last sports reporter

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I would like to know why WALA-TV's most recent sports reporter, Simone Eli, is no longer part of their station (it was confirmed to me recently), even though her LinkedIn page and her official World Wide Web site still referred to her as their sports reporter and the official World Wide Web site for WALA-TV still had references to her, such as the ones in its "30 Teams in 30 Days" section.

I doubt I would able to get an answer through WALA-TV since they seem to have a policy against disclosing certain pieces of information about past employees such as any problems they may have had. There is still a chance I may be able an answer through Simone Eli's Facebook page and her personal Twitter page (her professional Twitter page was deleted earlier this calendar week since it was part of her position at WALA-TV), even though they had not been updated with new messages attributed to her since the end of the employment with WALA-TV during the first half of this June and none of the last few messages attributed to her had any indications of her employment coming to an end.

I hope she updates all of her World Wide Web pages about her professional status soon and responds to queries about that status through Facebook, Twitter, or electronic mail. I would not mind having her explain her status in the comments section for this article or through an electronic mail message addressed to me. I would appreciate getting an explanation about her professional status either way.

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