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Commentary: 'Supernatural' mid-season finale 'Holy Terror' and the Zeke debate

Ezekiel -- good angel or duplicitous backstabber?

Possible Angel tablet talk with Kevin in the bunker? Find out on Dec. 3, 2013 when the mid-season finale airs on The CW.
Possible Angel tablet talk with Kevin in the bunker? Find out on Dec. 3, 2013 when the mid-season finale airs on The CW.
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The "Supernatural" mid-season finale is fast approaching and will air this week on December 3, 2013. Now, after seeing the short promo for "Holy Terror" it only added to the feeling of doom that has been inching its way into my mind where Ezekiel is concerned. When Castiel told Dean that Ezekiel was a "good soldier" I was hesitant to believe this wouldn't go bad for Sam and Dean. Good soldier doesn't necessarily mean trust worthy angel. Good soldier to an angel seems to mean one that fights for Heaven or the concerns of it, and in past seasons it has become painfully obvious that the concerns of Heaven aren't exactly inclusive of the human races well-being.

The whole "mutual benefit" line Zeke gave Dean in the hospital when asked what he gets from possessing Sam has rubbed me the wrong way from the jump. Zeke didn't seem to be injured or in need of healing when he was getting off that bus in his previous vessel before he heard Dean's prayer. It seems to me that Zeke said all the right things to have Dean get Sam to say yes. Of course, Sam would be dead without the possession, but is it really doing him any good? The MOTW Vesta even said, "your liver, it's no good. Dear boy, you're all duct tape and safety pins inside. How are you alive?" Well, we know the 'how' but there is something amiss going on. Zeke should be concentrating efforts on Sam's organs, shouldn't at least one be healed up by now?

Why did Sam say to Dean at the bunker, "I feel like my battery can't recharge," hmm? Is Zeke tapping into the power of Sam's soul, maybe draining him? Even Cas back in season 8 said that he couldn't heal everything that the trials were doing to Sam. Why would Zeke be any different in his abilities? Is Zeke a Metatron lackey working under orders? If Zeke is utilizing the power of Sam's soul what is the ultimate outcome for Sam?

It seems that Zeke isn't dedicating himself fully to attempting to heal Sam, he isn't doing the total rehab instead he's doing a DIY special on Sam "duct tape and safety pins" and as long as he's inside Sam he's controlling the situation. When Dean attempts to tell his brother, Zeke comes out, "I wouldn't do that Dean," and the tone wasn't one of worry for his vessels human life but one of warning. He adds, "your brother is not ready, if he ejects me he will not make it." Zeke is in control while giving the Dean the illusion he is, but in truth, Dean lost control the moment Zeke entered Sam. Dean demands, "how much longer we gotta keep playing this?" and Zeke answers, "not much longer. I promise you that." Sure, he infers that Sam will be strong enough to survive without the possession soon, but I think it's all smoke and mirrors, even Vesta could see that Sam shouldn't be alive. Zeke says what Dean needs to hear in order to placate him while keeping him in line.

This is all building toward something and I swear I can hear, "Bad Moon Rising" queuing up. Like Bobby said in season 1, "...storm's coming, and you boys ... you are smack in the middle of it."

I'm not sure what questions the mid-season finale will answer for us or leave us with when the credits role and we're left until January to stew, but I have some questions:

  • Is Zeke really healing Sam, truly healing him?
  • Is Zeke tapping the power of Sam's soul draining him?
  • Is Zeke a Metatron lackey?
  • Will Sam find out about the possession in this episode? If so how? From Dean? Metatron?
  • What did Zeke mean in the promo, when he said, "I did what I had to"?
  • What in blazes were they looking at in the promo?
  • Why are angels at war with each other? Perhaps, to get the attention of Heaven (i.e. Metatron)?

I get the feeling the fandom better buckle up for a very bumpy, emotional and stressful mid-season finale on December 3.

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