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Commentary - Public Breastfeeding In Your Business

Public Nursing
Public Nursing
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Public nursing or breastfeeding has been an issue for decades. Some businesses are turning women away because of this. I honestly think you'll gain more happy clients by allowing it. God supplied us with a way to feed our children for free. No one can deny the fascination with that. Sure, it is a little surprising to see but I think there's a way to do everything and that the responsibility lies on all sides of the issue. Here are my thoughts. Keep in mind that these are 'my' opinions only before yelling at anyone in the comments section.

1. The facility or company should understand that babies need to eat as well. I mean really, if he's hungry feed him. I'm cranky and almost unbearable when I'm hungry. If I wait too long to eat I'll more than likely eat the biggest and most heart wrenching burger I can find. Guess what? I won't care who's watching when I scarf it down. I can only imagine what I baby is thinking. He can't feed himself. If he doesn't eat, you're annoyed that he's crying and disturbing the other patrons. People don't like to hear crying children in a place of business. It's disturbing, distracting, and just plain annoying. So why not let him have his lunch so that everyone is pleased. An alternative would be to create a 'family' space if your business allows. That's a table specifically set aside for families.

2. Mom if your little one is hungry and it's time to feed. Try your best to feed him without making a huge scene. How do you do this? It doesn't need to be announced or displayed. I'm not going to tell you to use a bottle. I'm a parent as well and I know that sometimes, your baby wants the real deal, so I understand. I've been there before....many moons ago. Here's a solution. There's a wonderful little invention called a blanket. Use it. They come in all sizes and colors and are very useful for covering your breast while feeding your baby. It's simply good manners to not let everyone see it. If you don't have a blanket, try a napkin. I know....I know, people see me when I'm shoveling a slice of apple pie down my throat. Here's the difference, I'm using a fork, not a nipple. People gasp at the site of my greed and not because they're looking at something private. NURSING BLANKET

3. The other patrons should simply mind their own business. The mom isn't bothering you, the baby isn't bothering you, and the facility managers aren't bothering you. If you're offended, don't look. It's really simple. If you're intrigued and can't stop looking, you probably need to get a life. If your children are looking or pointing....maybe it's time to have a little talk with them about life. They will find out one day, it may as well come from you.

4. Finally to the're adorable. You giggle, spit, and coo. You play with imaginary figures in the air and smile at everything. After you've finished eating, burping, and puking, you still wow us as you're sleeping. We love it and we want you to be happy. Your mom is learning to feed you without offending people which is not your fault. Enjoy every moment of your feeding because one day you will grow up and have to learn to feed yourself without offending people.