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Commentary: News broadcasters using assumptions about their audiences

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Some local TV news presenters had occasionally broadcast news reports with phrases based on assumptions about the folks receiving their broadcasts such as, "While you were sleeping", as if every one of these folks was sleeping while the events in the reports they were presenting were taking place, and, "We first brought this to you as breaking news", as if every one of these folks was watching the news program with the breaking news. I wish they would not use phrases like those since they may not apply to every one of those folks. They may have wanted to avoid using them in their broadcasts, but were required to keep using them them on account of their bosses. If that's so, their bosses need to understand that phrases like those are unnecessary and detrimental to the professions and reputations of their respective stations' news presenters and to news broadcasting in general. I'm sure the folks would watch their news programs would not mind if the news presenters were to be less personal and intimate in their broadcasts since all they really want is news.

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