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Commentary: News broadcasters expressing personal feelings about Memorial Day

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I never understood why some local news broadcasters would use their positions to condescendingly express personal feelings (whether it be their own feelings or the feelings of other folks) about Memorial Day or other special calendar days for honoring past members of the military of the United States and how to use those days? It's as if they were bothered by folks who appeared to be only using their vacations for those days to relax and have more time with their relatives and not honor folks who were in the military as if they were required or obligated to do so. Perhaps their bosses or their corporate superiors were the ones who were bothered by such folks and they were using their stations or corporations to promote their own personal feelings about days like Memorial Day and the military in general (it makes me wonder how they feel about other special calendar days like Christmas Day or Independence Day, since I had not heard any local broadcasters treat those days in the same way they had treated Memorial Day). If this is true, then what they did was wrong since news broadcasting should not be used for promoting personal agendas. News broadcasters should only provide news and information without telling their audiences how they should feel about the pieces of news and information they present. If their bosses or corporate superiors really want to express their own personal feelings properly, I suggest they do it on the Internet through videos or weblogs and/or through printed materials. They cannot get away with it through television or even radio, as every viewer and/or listener would notice eventually.

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