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Commentary: News broadcasters expressing personal feelings about local elections

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There was no need for some of WALA-TV's news reporters and news presenters to express personal feelings about the elections that took place in WALA-TV's broadcast area this past Tuesday, June 3rd, whether they were their own feelings or not (they may had been their bosses' feelings). For example, two of the news reporters on WALA-TV's local 9:00 p.m. news program that day congratulated some of the candidates for some of the public positions after presuming they had won the positions they wanted (not all of the votes were counted by then). One of the news presenters for the program even said registered voters did not need to use the rain that took place in the broadcast area that day as an "excuse" for not voting while speaking to a weather reporter. One of them also said the governor of Alabama "will be governor for the next four years" in spite of the possibility of his losing his position if the winner of the Democratic primary election for his position this past Tuesday defeats him in a general election for the position this November (the governor won the Republican primary election for his position this past Tuesday).

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