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Commentary: My response to an explicit opinion by a local TV news presenter

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Devon Walsh of WKRG-TV appeared to be really expressing her own hatred for the word "selfie" very explicitly in between her presenting a report about it for her station's local morning news program ("WKRG News 5 This Morning") during the previous calendar week (between last Thursday, April 24th, and last Friday, April 25th). If she was really expressing her own hatred for the word or someone else's hatred for it, like one of her bosses at WKRG-TV or even one of her corporate bosses at Media General, I wish she had not done so at all, whether it be for that word or anything else related to a news report since news and opinions should be kept separate in news programming. I guess one of her bosses told her to do it to make the morning news program more enjoyable or relatable for its audience, even though I'm sure some folks found it unprofessional and unnecessary. If I were one of those bosses, I would have told the station's news reporters and news presenters to always keep their personal opinions to their selves while on their jobs and considered creating a local TV program dedicated to opinions (from members of the public and commentators employed by the station) to make sure that news and opinions are kept separate in the station's local programming.

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